Red Bank Welcomes Surf Taco

by Annie Hendrick


Surf Taco first opened on Memorial Day 2001 in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. Since that day, Surf Taco’s “good food and good vibe” has given it a loyal following along the Jersey Shore. A few years later its second location opened, and now it has opened its ninth on Broad Street in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Surf Taco’s food could be described as “Jersey shore Mexican” – quesadillas, burritos, tacos, nachos, salads, wraps, chips, smoothies, and more.  Their fresh salsa bar provides the perfect side to put on anything found on their lengthy menu.  Visitors find that they will want to try it all.

Surf Taco believes in giving each and every person the ultimate dining experience and is all about the good food and good vibe. It is both the food and the vibe that they have brought to Red Bank, when its store officially opened on March 24th.  This store is the most recent in many new openings on Broad Street such as Urban Outfitters, Dor la Dor, Tommy’s Brickfire Pizza, Sugar Rush, Pizza Fusion, and more.

Before the opening of the Red Bank location, the closest and most visited Surf Taco location was in Long Branch off of Ocean Avenue. The Long Branch Surf Taco was a little further away, which is why many people highly anticipated the closer location. However, some people say that driving down along the beach even in the winter was part of why they like Surf Taco and its “good vibe” association with the shore.

“The Surf Taco in Long Branch is cool, and I’m afraid the restaurant is going to become too casual and everyone is going to start going there all the time, kind of like what happened to Urban Outfitters after it opened a store in Red Bank,” Megan Culligan, RFH senior, said.

“Urban was cool and not a lot of people shopped there when it wasn’t in Red Bank, but now it’s becoming too popular and I don’t like it as much.”  Another local agreed as well stating, “I think it is going to get old very fast because it will only be five minutes away.”

One of Surf Taco's many delicious dishes

However not everyone feels this way; many people do not go to Surf Taco very often or have never been there at all because they are never in Long Branch. The location in Red Bank will give a lot of people the chance to try Surf Taco for the first time, or be able to eat there more often. Opening in Red Bank will also be good for business and will increase Surf Taco’s popularity since Red Bank is such a busy part of the area.

The Surf Taco in Red Bank has also provided many of local teenagers with job opportunities. Surf Taco had open interviews and around eighty people showed, only twenty making the cut. Everyone jumped at the opportunity, hoping to snatch up a summer job before the rush. They provided orientation at their Belmar location while they were still preparing to open in Red Bank. Many of the new employees are students that attend RFH and other local high schools, and they all are excited to be working there. They are happy to be able to get a job in a place they love to go and be around.

Thursday March 24th brought the grand opening, new employees rushing to serve the crowd from Broad Street that quickly filled up the restaurant. Everyone was ready to experience the Jersey Shore Mexican food in a location as diverse as the center of Red Bank. The new Surf Taco was a hit, and will most definitely make a statement with its “surf-vibe” in the center of it all.

For more information, visit their website:  Surf Taco


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