RFH Gets Ready for Annual Talent Show

by Mike Schutsky


This April 13th, one of the largest fundraisers and community events will take place: the RFH Talent Show.  The Talent Show has always been a must-see for the entire community because of the interesting and entertaining acts put on by students and teachers. Past acts include an amazing opera number performed by Big Lou, an RFH security guard legend, and Senor Larkin and Herman always thrill the crowd by singing a popular Spanish song while playing their guitars. Similarly, the students show off their musical, dance, and comedic skills.

Besides being a fun and entertaining event, the talent show serves as a large fundraising event. The Student Government Association, in conjunction with the Health Club, will help run the show this year. SGA advisor Mrs. Maglione has been in charge of the show for the past four years.

When asked for what she looks forward to most this year Mrs. Maglione replied, “I look forward to seeing students demonstrate their talents that they don’t normally show in the classroom.” Mrs. Maglione also stated that she is “looking forward to the dance acts.”

The talent show has always raised hundreds of dollars for worthy charities and organizations. For example, last year the Student Government Association and the French Honors Society joined forces to raise money for Haiti Earthquake Relief and the Red Cross. The event was extremely successful. This year the SGA will work in unison with the Health Club to raise money for Lin’s Linens. Lin’s Linens is a nonprofit organization that donates linens and helps to provide a comfortable surrounding in cancer patients’ homes.

SGA president, Chris Saporito, put the event in perspective by saying, “the talent show is obviously one of our largest fundraisers and the reason it is such a successful event is because the students get to watch their friends perform and everyone has a good time.”

This year, the hallways of RFH are already buzzing about the potential acts.  Numerous students are willing to come out of their shells and showcase their talents to help support a worthy cause.  Talent show contestant Holly Oberle commented on her upcoming dance act, “I’ve never danced in a competition before but I’m competing against my friends which will take some of the pressure off, and still be a lot of fun.”

This year, expect to witness a variety of entertaining and original acts including the talented Austin Ryan and his band, several dance numbers, and piano and acoustic guitar solos! This year’s talent show promises to be a memorable one, so come out and support your fellow classmates and a worthy cause on April 13th in the auditorium!

Check out some of last year’s acts:

Srs. Larkin and Herman
Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”


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