RFH Key Clubs Supports Local Charity with Bowling

by Mike Schutsky


Charity and helping others is a large part of the Rumson Fair Haven spirit.  The students that embody this spirit are the members of the RFH Key Club.  The RFH Key Club is a club dedicated to assisting those in need.  The members participate in numerous fundraisers and this past March they supported the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization.

The Key Club held a bowl-a-thon held at the Hazlet Bowling alleys. Non-members and members of the community were encouraged to attend, as well as to make a contribution to the charity. Every Key Club member was encouraged to raise seventy five dollars through pledges and sponsors. The fun-filled evening included bowling, snacks, and others activities.  All of the proceeds went to charity.

Key Club secretary Stephanie Ferraris said, “I look forward to the bowl-a–thon every year because I enjoy helping others while having a fun time with my friends and other students.”  Ferraris also said that her goal for the evening is to “make sure everyone has a fun time and that their focus is on being grateful for what they have and that they can learn from the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization, and assist and help others in times of need.”

The bowl-a-thon was a huge success

Key Club advisor Mrs. Ferraris explained that RFH has a long relationship with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters charity. “We have participated in the bowl a thon for the past seven years, also Mr. Wilson is a big brother himself!”

Big Brothers and Sisters has been around for about 100 years. Their vision is to see every child succeed in life.  The organization provides children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives. Statistics prove that the mentoring program has made significant improvements to children’s lives.   For example, 46% of kids are less likely to begin using illegal drugs, and 27% kids are less likely to begin using alcohol.  Also, only 52% of kids are likely to skip school.  Children in the mentoring program are more confident about their schoolwork performance and able to get along better with their families.

More charity events are upcoming in the RFH Key Club if you would like to find out more information see Mrs. Ferraris or if you would like to know more about the Big Brothers and Sisters organization visit:



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