RFH Saves the Music

by Brooke Wheaton


On March 24th, Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School held a highly anticipated rock concert, raising over $3,000 that will help fund school music programs across the country.  Organized through Save The Music, an organization that raises money for struggling school music programs, the concert offered many RFH students the chance to show off their vocal and musical talents.

RFH student bands organized and collaborated to play music by The Doors, Meatloaf, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Don Mclean, and other classic rock bands.  Notable acts included vocalists such as Austin Ryan, Maris Krauss, Kate Incremona, and Gabby Kenny, as well as a number of student musicians and bands.

Austin Ryan, senior and RFH, helped to organize and make this event possible.  He explains, “It will help refund music with budget cuts. I originally got the idea when talking to a friend about a classic rock music night.” He also stated, “Stephan Mann [a senior at RFH] basically ran the concert.”

It is easy to take a music department for granted, but the students at RFH realize how fortunate they really are.   Mrs. Salazar-Linden supervises the music area. Mr. Grillo teaches instrumental music, and Mr. Mottern deals with vocal music.  The school supports a band with various instruments, as well as an orchestra and choir.  Students are also able to choose among various music electives, including a composition class where they can write and record their own music.  Many students would be at a loss if a budget cut ruined these music areas.  Moreover, music is enjoyable and benefits students in academically.

Save the Music is about giving back to the community, and RFH students and community members did their part.  Congratulations to all the students involved and thank you to those who made this night possible.

To see more, go to:

RFH Save the Music

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