Table of Contents: 2010-2011 Third Edition

Don't worry, there's enough for everyone!


Welcome back to another exciting edition of the Tower Review!  We hope that you enjoy all that this edition has to offer, and that it keeps you coming back for more.  The staff is excited to share the news, interests, opinions, and creativity of RFH.  Please read what you will, and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below each piece.

Happy reading!

The 2010-2011 Staff and Miss Howard


Culture at Large
Behind the Scenes: The Tower Review by Mike Schutsky
Black Willow: The Heart of the Monmouth Park Racetrack by Brooke Wheaton
Behind the Curtain of Sweeney Todd by Nick Cognata
Four Easy Steps to Finding a Job by Annie Hendrick
55 Word Stories by Jillian Dinger (contributor)
A Winter to Remember: Snow Removal by Nick Lenczyk

RFH Gets Ready for Annual Talent Show by Mike Schutsky
RFH’s Winter Track 4×400 Team Wins Big by Caleigh Farragher
RFH Saves the Music by Brooke Wheaton
RFH Hosts Another Successful Blood Drive by Elsa Stoff
RFH Winter Sports Recap by Peter Lyden
The Demon Barber Comes to RFH by Devan Cappelli
Red Bank Welcomes Surf Taco by Annie Hendrick
NJT ALP-45DP Locomotives are Here by Peter Lyden
Fair Haven Fields Get a Face Lift by Nick Lenczyk
RFH Key Club Supports Local Charity with Bowling by Mike Schutsky
Nuclear Disaster in Japan by Annie Hendrick
Unusual NJ Snowfall Makes History by Peter Lyden
A Night to Remember: The Freshman Dance by Kelsey McCauley

DJ Fishbulb: The Future of Hip-Hop by Pat Gunther
Books Recommendation: Wordy Readers and Wordy Moods by Elsa Stoff
NBA Popularity: A growing Phenomenon by Pat Gunther
Zodiac Sign Change by Alyson Raywood
Lady GaGa Goes Big at the Grammy’s by Devan Cappelli
The King’s Speech Wins Big at Oscars by Kelsey McCauley

March Madness Predictions by Pat Gunther
The Secret Behind “The Secret” by Alyson Raywood
Movie Review: Limitless by Nick Cognata
Movie Review: Red Riding Hood by Alyson Raywood
Book Review: Beastly by Madeline Makstein (contributor)
Real Sports by Brooke Wheaton
What’s Up with That?: 3-D Movies by Nick Cognata

The Final Word
An Open Letter to Modern Day Horror Film Directors by Caleigh Farragher
Fencing: A Poem by Elsa Stoff
An Open Letter to Terrible Birthday Gift Givers by Caleigh Farragher
An Open Letter to Charlie Sheen by Kelsey McCauley


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