The Secret Behind “The Secret”

by Alyson Raywood


Have you heard the secret?  Seen the books sitting on the bookshelf at the bookstore or heard people talking about it?

The concept of The Secret is based upon the law of attraction. This way of life has been passed down for ages, and it explains how you can change every aspect of your life, merely by thinking it.  This can be widely interpreted, and greatly underestimated, because this concept sounds almost spiritual. Not only spiritual, but more of a belief rather than “real.” But what’s considered unreal to one person, can wind up being a way of life for another.

The Secret was created by Rhonda Byrne. The idea began when her life had collapsed. Byrne had worked herself into exhaustion, her father died, and her relationships with colleagues and loved ones seemed to diminish. Later on, she discovered what she called “The Secret of Life” in a hundred-year-old book that her daughter gave her. In this book she found that some of the greatest people in history like Shakespeare, Newton, Beethoven, Lincoln, Einstein, Emerson, Plato, Hugo, and Edison believed in this way of life.  These great men and thinkers believed in this law of attraction, and Byrne wanted to share it with the world.

She began to research… and she wouldn’t stop researching until she learned all of the stories. She eventually came to discover the modern-day practitioners of the Secret.

This near-obsession grew stronger, and she moved from Australia to the United States to get this way of life on film. After seven weeks, she and her team created over one hundred twenty hours of film, and eight months later The Secret was released. After this film swept the people of the world off their feet, stories of exotic miracles began to pour in. The stories were about events like reviving from depression or disease, walking again after an accident, friendships, grades in school, jobs, etc.

The Secret is proposed for every type of person in the world, any nationality, age, and religion. The book consists of how to use the Secret, and more specifically how to use it in cases of money, relationships, health, the world, yourself, and life.

"The Secret" author, Rhonda Byrne

Recently, a new concept has been added to The Secret,  called Power. Under this concept, a person has the the ability to have everything he or she wants. The book states that without the Power, “a person would have not been born, and every discovery, invention, and human creation comes from the Power.”  The main ideas of The Power are similar to that of The Secret; where thinking a certain way, ultimately creates a better life.

The argument concerning whether this concept is strictly belief or real is never-ending and compelling, and can forever be debated.  I myself a newcomer to The Secret and The Power, have sided with neither a belief or reality. The Secret and The Power are ways of life that a person either chooses to follow, or doesn’t.  To me, it can be equated to putting a positive attitude towards everything a person does; not only a “positive” attitude, but a knowing inside of you that has there is no doubt that you will succeed. From there, that’s when everything falls into place, and what happens was meant to happen.

This concept of The Secret helps strengthen the simple moral of life: to just believe in yourself, even when you have nothing else to believe in. Educating myself about The Secret has allowed me to discover all of these magnificent stories about normal, everyday people experiencing unbelievable miracles. They are innocent individuals who are faced with the common hardships of life, but are able to overcome them using The Secret.

So, whether or not you’re  convinced that The Secret or The Power are strictly a way of life, and not spiritual, or religious, the website below will connect you to some of the millions of stories that people have sent in about the miracles they never thought they’d experience. Though it might not change your outlook on the concept, it may at least convince you that these happenings we call “miracles” are incredibly possible; so possible, in fact, that it might just take something as little as believing in yourself for one to happen.

Check out more stories at:  The Secret TV Stories


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