Unusual NJ Snowfall Makes History

by Peter Lyden


Snowfall rates in New Jersey are usually fairly minimal. There is about 13 inches on average per winter every year. This year has been the most rare occasion regarding snowfall in about 15 years. The snowfall this year has caused many hazards, such as on the roads, trains, airports, and led to multiple delays in New Jersey travelers.  This, of course, can apply to many parts of the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions of the United States.

Snowfall in Red Bank left many stranded

NJ snowfall amounts currently range from about six to twelve inches. Most of the snow is located in northern New Jersey rather than in southern New Jersey. Bergen County has the heaviest snowfall amounts with 12.5 inches in Hackensack and East Rutherford.  Cape May County has the lowest amount of snowfall with about 2-3 inches. However, this year’s snowfall caused multiple states of emergency to be issued around the state of New Jersey.

There has been a total of about 20-30 inches in New Jersey this year. This has caused many problems including snow removal and travel. The last major snowstorm to strike New Jersey with this amount was the Blizzard of 1996. Two big storms hit within about a one-month period, each bringing up to a foot of snow.  This led to hazardous conditions for everybody.  Newark at the time had 28 inches and New York City had 20 inches.

Another big snowstorm to hit New Jersey was in February 2003 when the President’s Day Storm struck. The storm brought enormous snowfall and its eventual melting caused extreme flooding throughout the region.

These storms all produced heavy and chaotic conditions for the state and its surrounding regions, leaving everybody digging out and going against the elements. I’m sure speak for everybody when I say is that nobody wants to deal with snow.

Heaviest Snowfall Rates History in New Jersey:

November 1798

December 1811

January 1857

March 1888

December 1947

February 1969

March 1993

January 1996

February 2003 (President’s Day Storm)

The dates are other historical times of major snowfalls in New Jersey.

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-Lee, Eurice. “N.J. snowfall totals range from 6 to 12 inches for much of the state, less in the south.” The Star-Ledger. 12 Jan. 2011. Web. 16 Feb. 2011


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