What’s Up with That?: 3-D Movies

by Nick Cognata


Anybody else think it’s annoying that so many 3-D films are released now?  I do!  2010 had the most  3-D films released of all time, and it seems that in 2011 the amount is going to double.  Hollywood film makers, have you really sunk to this level?  Do you really think that  these 3-D films are going to turn a bigger profit than normal films?

3D glasses: super, or super lame?

There are too many problems with that mindset.  For example, it’s a given that you’re going to make money off the poor guy standing in line with his kids to purchase his $11 tickets.  But not everyone is a parent or  is a fan of 3-D movies like kids who are 12 and under. The hit movie, Avatar didn’t make over $760 million because it was in 3-D.  It happened to be appealing to a diverse number of age groups worldwide for its story and ground-breaking special effects.

Not only is this a recurring fad, but it’s not healthy!  Get a load of this scary fact: after viewing a 3-D 1 of 3 adults (in most cases, parents) have a headache due to the ridiculous glasses they must wear during the feature.  Let me clue you in on what they’re thinking after they walk out of there:  “I just paid $11 for a headache and a pair of glasses which I don’t even get to keep. Gee, what a great deal! I’ll have to do that again!”

And imagine what it’s like for those poor parents before they even walk into the theater.  They have their children screaming in their ears about the extra butter they want on their popcorn, or the large slushy instead of the medium, or their endless, inexhaustible demands for candy.

The point I’m trying to get across here is that Hollywood filmmakers need to start thinking outside of the box (yeah, that’s right, they actually have to use their imaginations) to start attracting audiences to their films.  After all, now there’s televisions being made where the picture is 3-D and you don’t have to wear the idiotic glasses.  Yeah, that’s right, we don’t have to pay $11 to sit in a cold theater  in some back-breaking seat wearing obnoxious glasses.  Now you can be in the comfort of your own home, on your own couch without those glasses for free!

As soon as people get a hold of these televisions nothing is going to attract them to the 3-D movies in these theaters. So get it together, Hollywood!  We know that the stories these days lack creativity and good writing, but that doesn’t mean you can thinking of a new way to start drawing people into theaters.  If you filmmakers actually think that people are going to pay $11 or more to see a 3-D movie, you’re crazy.


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