10 Things to Do Over the Summer

by Annie Hendrick


The summer is all about relaxation – you’ve worked all year in school and now it’s time to take a break for three months, and then cram in your summer work the week before the next school year starts. The Jersey Shore is at our disposal – use it and get your GTL on!

  1. Get a summer job (see “Four Easy Steps to Finding a Job”!)

Not to ruin the fun already, but you probably need money to do those things that require taking it easy and having a good time.  If you haven’t found a job yet, start looking. Working outside at places such as beach clubs gives you the best of both worlds; you can enjoy the summer while making money.

  1. Go to the beach

We have the entire Jersey Shore to go tanning on. Take your pick where, just watch out for stepping too far up the beach where the clubs are. Take advantage of the ocean before it get’s too dirty to safely swim in.

  1. Take advantage of “our” location

For people that live locally, we are right up along the shore and also right in between two rivers. Go sailing, kayaking, tubing, fishing, clamming – whatever it takes to get on the river.  A break from the crowded beaches can be a good thing.

Along with the two rivers, you can go hiking or go relax in the many parks and woods in our surrounding area. Hartshorne and Huber Woods are two very good places for hiking or running.

  1. Go on vacation

Whether it’s a day trip, a few days, or weeks, take some time to get out of the place you’ve been stuck in all year. Go with friends, family, or yourself. Find a destination and just do it, it will be a good change of pace.

  1. Get ice cream

Crazees, Gracie and the Dudes, Cherry on Top, but most importantly, The Lighthouse – all places that you can go and indulge in some ice cream.

  1. Sports Games

If you’re into sports, there is always a game going on somewhere whether it’s the little leagues or the big leagues. Grab some food and enjoy the entertainment with friends.

  1. Go to a concert

We have a lot of local venues that make it easy to experience local bands and music as well as bigger names. The Riverside Park in Red Bank and Pier Village usually provide great free music, and venues like the Stone Pony, the Asbury Convention Hall, and the Count Basie hold shows for more popular music artists.

  1. Have a barbeque

Great weather and great food is an unbeatable combination. Host a barbeque and invite your family, friends, and neighbors.

  1. Visit the boardwalk

Visit the Point Pleasant Boardwalk or the Seaside Boardwalk – both have ice cream, rides, restaurants, clubs, and of course the beach. Spend the day or night, and you’re bound to find something to do.

  1. Go to a fair

Almost every town hosts a summer fair. Go to gamble, play games, go on rides, or eat the junk food (or do it all).

Whatever it is you’re doing, spend time outside doing it while you can because before you know it you’ll be back in school again stuck inside with the cold weather raging outside.


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