A Collection of Poetry

by Amy DiReda



An important tool-
Burdens us.

By knowing too much,
We are a
Useless spout
of information.

What do we do
With all of that?
Those meaningless, valueless facts
Drain our minds,
Pollute our thoughts,
Inconvenience our reasoning, and
Trouble our mentality.

It is a necessity
To know
More than simplicity
Less than ingenuity.

A powerful thing-
Causes an overload.


Creativity Haiku 

Creation is key,
It is its own entity,


Fade Away

Sand between your toes
Footprints left behind
Your mark in this world.

One by one
Each grain of sand
Counts every moment
Time and time again.

Waves crash ashore
Footprints fade away
Your mark forgotten.


Ode to Kitchen

A room filled with pots and pans,
Sautés my every need,
Crackle of the fire,
Heat of the oven,
Chock-a-blocked cabinets,
Scrawled recipes on Post-It notes,
Spin Lazy Susan spin!
My obsession—
My favorite possession:
My kitchen.


55-Word Story

“He’s gone!”
“You!” A young man in a guard uniform looks up. “Have you seen the prisoner?”
“Who me? No. What does he look like?” There is a flash of orange behind his back.
“He’s young, tall, and–Hey, what’s behind your back?”
“Oh these?” An orange jumpsuit and a guard’s gun.
Bang, bang.

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