An Open Letter to the Fourth Marking Period

by Caleigh Farragher


Dear Fourth Marking Period,

I know you may think that students like you, because you  are the final part of the year. But you are sadly mistaken. In fact, you are actually the bane of my existence.  And it’s not just me.  No one likes you.

Somehow, for some reason, teachers like to use you as an excuse to us lots of projects to cram in, and teach the hardest chapters. And then you just sit there, moving slowly, and taunt us; the weather is finally getting nice so no one actually wants to be in school, let alone do a project for every subject.

And not only do you move slowly, 4th marking period, but you have put on a little weight.  There seems to be 50 more school days than there are during any other marking period.  All through the other marking periods there were at least four breaks each month, and professional days.  But, obviously being that it is almost summer, we do not need breaks.  So, fourth marking period, you are two months of school without a break.  Thanks to you, 4th marking period, I have simply begun to stop caring.

Throughout the fourth marking period the sun is finally shining after the 60 inches of snow and subzero temperatures we have experienced this winter.  While the teachers are pointlessly lecturing on how we need to focus during the fourth marking period, one can only dream of summer which is only a few short weeks away.  Since we are not allowed to open the windows we are stuck inside stuffy classrooms; which I believe makes our short attention spans even shorter.

You are the final stretch of the school year, and without you we would not be looking for summer. But, maybe you could be a little short, a little less work, and then maybe, just maybe, people would actually like you…

Sincerely and most regrettably,



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