Most Memorable Class of 2011 Moments

by Mike Schutsky


With the end of the year upon us, it gives the graduating seniors a time to reflect on an incredible four years. Here is a list of the most memorable Class of 2011 moments from this year.

Characters from 'Avitar'

5. Halloween Breakfast
Every year the seniors take Halloween very seriously and dress in the most ridiculous costumes, all for the glory of trying to win a prize at the annual Halloween breakfast. The Class of 2011 spent the previous three years admiring the hilarious, bizarre, and downright weird costumes of past senior classes, and they wanted to live up to the expectation of dressing in crazy costumes. This year some of the stand-outs were Avatars, 1970’s roller disco players, Rocket Power, Harry Potter characters, and elves. Awards were given to multiple students in fantastic and entertaining costumes. The winners included the cast of Anchorman, Elf, and the dance group “Jabberwocky”. Winners received gift cards from Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts, and Salt Creek Grill. But most importantly everyone had a fun time and enjoyed the entertaining and unique costumes.

4. 100 Nights Dinner
The 100 Nights Dinner was the official start of the countdown to graduation. The seniors were treated to improv, great food, and a hilarious hypnotist show. This dinner was run by the class officers and the class mom’s. It has been a tradition at RFH for numerous years and it is a nice way to start the fun final months of senior’s RFH careers. The theme for the event was “Mardi Gras,” and because the event was on Fat Tuesday, the students dinned on large quantities of Cajun themed food. The improv group made all the students laugh, and some even got to go up and perform on stage with the actors. The main attraction was the hypnotist, Skylar. Skylar hypnotized people at Junior Post Prom, so the students knew what to expect and were excited to see the show. Skylar hypnotized about twenty students he convinced them under hypnosis that they couldn’t count to ten, others were convinced their pants were on fire, and one unfortunate person believed that he heard music playing from his shoe. It was a funny way to start the official count down till graduation and this is one of the student’s favorite RFH traditions.

Students show their true fashion sense

3. The Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest
RFH was in the  Holiday spirit when the seniors donned their most hideous Holiday sweaters they could find. The ugly Holiday sweater contest is a senior tradition at RFH and students compete for the glory of wearing the most disgusting sweater. Students dug deep to find the most appalling sweaters, students spent their afternoon’ at thrift stores, garage sales, and some students said that they were digging deep in their grandma’s closet. There were sweaters with fuzzy Santa’s, lit Menorah’s, and appalling patterns. To cap the festivities off, students enjoyed the annual Holiday breakfast and got to enjoy the view of the ugly yet hilarious sweaters.

2. Winning the Football State Championship
We were the underdogs, but the undying spirit of the bulldog did not quiver in the presence of the Matawan Huskies. The 2010-2011 RFH Football team won the State Championship game after being dubbed serious underdogs and with various people saying that RFH couldn’t win, the dawgs proved them wrong with their 13-9 victory over the Huskies. RFH’s trickery and leadership by the upperclassmen is what achieved the title. For example quarterback, Mike Villapiano punted the ball in fourth down situations, even when the formation was lined up to be an offensive play. Senior linebacker, Mike Huttner made a several clutch tackles to cause fourth downs for the Huskies. The nail bitting victory was RFH’s first football state championship and it was a victory that united the school and the town. The senior class became a closer nit group because of everyone’s shared jubilation over the victory. It will be a story that will be told for years to come and live in RFH lore.

Students aboard the Princess Cornucopia

1. Prom

The senior prom is a more casual than the traditional prom. There are no tuxedoes, no dates, and the prom is not held on land. The prom is on a cruise that circles around New York City. It is more casual because the senior class is a close group that wants to use this event to celebrate as a class, not in clicky groups. The memorable evening featured a live band and a DJ and repeat champions as prom king and queen.  Jackie Yorke and Kevin Alter successfully repeated their title defenses and took home the crowns. After the dancing and partying was over, the senior class went back to the high school for the post prom. This year the theme was “New York City” and the gym and cafeteria were transformed into a stylish Manhattan club.  There were raffles and prizes including I-pads and dinner trips to New York City. There was a thought provoking mind reading show and tons of food. This was a great event to kick off the final weeks that the Class of 2011 would share together, and everyone enjoyed their time at prom.


Pictures courtesy of Mike Schutsky

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