Movie Review: The Hangover Part II

by Nick Cognata


What would you do if you woke up after a crazy night of partying that you couldn’t remember?  What would you do if the 16-year-old kid you were watching was missing? And what would you do if you had a Mike Tyson tattoo on the side of your face?  Well, in The Hangover Part II all of this happens and much more!

The Wolfpack is Back

The wolf pack makes it’s second appearance on the big screen and kicked off its opening memorial day weekend, grossing $194 million worldwide.  Old School director, Todd Phillips, makes a raunchy return in his latest sequel to The Hangover.

With his faithful cast of the original three main characters: the sharp-looking Bradley Cooper (Wedding Crashers, Limitless) as Phil, the dorky dentist Ed Helms (The Office, Cedar Rapids) as Stu, and the hilarious Zach Galifianakis as Alan (Up In The Air, Due Date).  Even Cho makes another appearance! With these reunited talents, you get drunk off the comedy and hungover after it ends.

Stu and his bride-to-be (Jamie Chung) plan to get married in Thailand and with every wedding comes the epic bachelor party (yes, another one). When Phil, Stu, Alan and the bride’s 16-year-old brother Teddy (Mason Lee) embark on a fun filled-night of pure adrenaline, the predictable happens: the next morning they wake up unable to remember what happened.  And to make matters worse, Teddy is missing (hmm, doesn’t this sound familiar?).  Now the three members of his crazy wolfpack are on an all-out man hunt to find Teddy before Stu’s wedding takes place.

While many enjoyed the film, it received lukewarm reviews.  Many surrounded a photograph during the credits that imitated a famous Vietnam War photograph taken moments before a prisoner is shot.  While many found this funny, others found it in poor taste and offensive.

Other than that, however, the movie is worth seeing. Although it is extremely predictable at times and much like the first one, you should still check it out because there are some good laughs. The jokes in this one are just as raunchy as the first(perhaps even more), but keep in mind that it doesn’t top the comedy in the first Hangover.


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