Must-See TV: ‘Pretty Little Liars’

by Caleigh Farragher


During the summer of 2010 a new hit series, Pretty Little Liars, based off of the books by Sara Shepard, came to ABC family on Tuesday nights. Focused on the complicated friendship of Hannah, Spencer, Aria, and Emily, this dark and eerie drama instantly became a summertime hit.

The drama begins with the introduction of the girls’ friend, Ali, who the previous summer went missing and whose remains are later found.  However, soon after this discovery, the girls are haunted by text messages that reveal dark secrets concerning each friend’s life, all signed by the mysterious A.   As the girls attempt to find out who is after them, more and more secrets are revealed about the girls’ pasts.  With this, the drama only escalated, and so did the viewership.

Catch 'Pretty Little Liars" on ABC Family this summer

This television series is based off of a popular book aimed toward teenage girls. Initially, the viewers were people who read this series, many of whom wanted to see how accurately it was being portrayed.  Word of this dramatic series caught wind, and with it each episode gained viewers exponentially.  This popularity may be due to a few unexpected things: avid Pretty Little Liars fans and drama-loving teenagers (imagine that).

The topics introduced in the series are also so far-fetched that they really do entice people to escape their lives and live in the dramatic world of this sleep Pennsylvania town.  Topics such as dating teachers, dead friends, and many more scandals never lead to a dull moment.

So, when Pretty Little Liars began to air, many fans of the book were more than ecstatic to watch, while others were weary.  Soon, news of the drama spread quickly, and more and more drama-loving teenagers began to watch. Also, there is drama which included attractive boys and gossip.

Leading up to the finale hundreds of new viewers tuned into the show to see what was going to unfold.  Every teen girl could not wait to talk about it with her friends, and that is another factor of the popularity.  While viewers were talking about this interesting drama, others soon became interested. Also, ABC Family offers these episodes online, and after the first few episodes, people who were interested were able to watch online.

All of these factors heped to build a strong viewership with this show. This highly popular show comes out for its third series on June 14th at 8/7c! Don’t miss it!


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