Not Just a Badminton Tournament

by Brooke Wheaton


At the end of May, Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School hosted a badminton tournament that raised over $1,000 for charity.  Mrs. Fitzgerald, class advisor to the class of 2013, was in charge of the event. Along with Fitzgerald, class officers Monica De Los Reyes, Annie Gilbertson, and Amy Littleson helped participate in organizing the event.

Mrs. Fitzgerald is the Class of 2013 advisor

The proceeds went to the Cristine Meredith Miele Foundation and the Organic Farming Research Foundation. The sophomore class was in charge of raising money for these charities. The Cristine Meredith Miele foundation is a non-profit organization that was established in 2010. It funds awareness, research, and prevention against breast cancer. The Organic Farming Research foundations studies and evaluates the efficacy and potential of a kaolin-based particle film coating. It promotes the improvement and widespread adoption of organic farming systems.

The tournament consisted of sixty-two people. Individuals signed up by writing down their desired team, consisting of two players. Myles Donohue and John Edler were the sophomore badminton champions.

Moreover, Fitzgerald concluded, “It was very successful and the SGA girls were excited to help.”  It is even predicted the school will have more similar events to help charities. The event was entertaining and beneficial.

One team of fierce competitors

When schools raise money for charities it allows students to get involved in something worthwhile and meaningful. It is a productive and moral way of aiding those in need. When schools help foundations that pertain to their own specific students, everyone loves assisting the event and contributing to the cause.

However, the badminton tournament shows how RFH is unique. Numerous schools raise money and donate it to their own school related funds. Faculty and RFH students keen to help outside organizations.  RFH hosted a similar event, spearheaded by Character Education, a dodgeball tournament, to raise money for Charley’s Fund, which directs money to researchers that help find treatments for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.   The teams consist of ten people with the admission of fifteen dollars. People just watching pay five dollars.  The way RFH students are raising money for foundations are affective, which helps the school community along with people nationally dealing with the foundations.

For more information about these charities, visit: Cristine Meredith Miele FoundationOrganic Farming Research Foundation, and Charley’s Fund.


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