Paint the Town Pink: A Community Success

by Alyson Raywood


Fromn April 30th until May 7th, 205 businesses and 365 homes in Fair Haven, Monmouth Beach, and Red Bank participated in Riverview Medical Center’s Paint the Town Pink Week, in a fight against breast cancer.  This week-long event set out to share the message of support, treatment, hope to the women diagnosed with breast cancer every day. The disease has changed the lives of many of this community, and this powerful event reminds women that education and early detection is the best defense.

Paint the Town Pink included fourteen events in seven different towns, starting with the first day, fondly called “Paint Everything Pink.”  A pink paint strip stretched a half mile down Broad Street and  led to a pink carnival in the parking lot of Riverview Medical Center.  The carnival was a great way to get everyone involved in raising money for different breast cancer foundations.

This pink strip led to a carnival.

The carnival had five different sections: Kid’s Fun & Games, Pamper Me, Rockin’ Country Thunder 106, Tom’s Lincoln Experience, and Real Men Wear Pink. The different stations served  to get all types of people involved, while also having a fun time listening to country music. The donations for the half-mile pink strip and  carnival came from Mark Arrnone and Sherwin Williams.

An estimated $50,000 were made in proceeds from the carnival and other donation boxes within businesses, which is enough to allow one-hundred uninsured women to be screened for breast cancer.  This is vital, since early detection is the key to prevention.  All of the profit made from the Paint the Town Pink event go to the Pink Fund, which allows free mammograms to any woman in need.

Local businesses and homes went pink.

This year’s week-long event turned out to be very successful, just like last year.  However, not only are donations and proceeds testament to its success; the support was visible in the many families and businesses that took part, especially in Fair Haven and Red Bank.  Houses were painted pink or surrounded by pink ribbons, and businesses along River Road and Broad Street were drenched in pink flowers, murals, ribbons, and paint. The task was to raise awareness, and the hundreds of volunteers and donators were able to accomplish that through their hard work.


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