Prom–Why all the Hype?

by Annie Hendrick


Prom trends have evolved over the years. Its all about the dress – who cares about the over priced tuxes?  The only thing that really matters on prom night is what the girls are wearing and what they look like. Long, short, tight, loose, multi-colored, bedazzled… every year brings new dresses and new trends. Most of the time it’s a joyous event;  however, sometimes it can end badly.  For example, the biggest mishap: two girls wearing the same look.  Some things never change.

After viewing some of the prom photos off our faculty here at RFH (check out ‘Guess Who’), I have noticed that while some aspects of prom have evolved, it is evident that prom has always been turned into a huge deal – a night with incredible expectation and probably many letdowns.

Prom hype starts months before the actual dance – everyone scrambling for the perfect date. Then begins the scurry for dress and shoe shopping, and the endless conversations surrounding a lavish description of said dress and shoes.  When the day of prom rolls around, it begins with an absurdly early dismissal from school, mostly benefiting the girls, to attend their hair appointments, the nail salon, and to get sprayed down a color leaning towards the orange section of the color wheel.

Hours upon hours of getting ready do in fact pay off, but mostly because of the professional photographers awaiting to snap the perfect picture of the girl and her man, who probably threw on the overpriced tux ten minutes before arrival with not even a shower.  And as the photographer clicks his 300th picture, the limo arrives to take Mr. and Mrs. Prom to the venue…

After the seven-hour preparation, as the pairs trickle in through the doors, everyone’s jackets are soon thrown across the chairs, high heels chucked aside, hair messed up and sweaty – the drama forgotten. The irony of prom has always remained… the incredible hype, all to be forgotten almost immediately, the focus on looking perfect disregarded as the night proceeds.  And everyone knows that by the time the night is over, it definitely would have been more fun without a date, and that the time spent focusing on prom definitely could have been put to better use.


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