RFH Graduation: 2011

by Peter Lyden


This is the time of year when emotions run high at RFH–not only for underclassmen and teachers, but also the graduating seniors who will soon leave RFH to begin a new path of life.  The seniors have a variety of end-of-the-year events such as Prom, Beach Day, Dinner Dance, and most importantly, Graduation. The class officers, advisors, principal, and valedictorians have much to say regarding the graduating seniors, and the anticipation of their last week as high school students is mixed with both excitement and anticipation.

Ms. Higgins is the class advisor for the Class of 2011 and will be addressing the class for the last time on Graduation.  Since this exciting day  is rapidly approaching, she is nervous and happy for the seniors. It is a very bittersweet time, as the seniors graduate and move onto college, jobs, and future lives.

Ms. Higgins says, “It’s interesting watching the students grow, accomplish outstanding achievements, and balance college athletics and academics.” Chris Veasey, the secretary for the Class of 2011, will be one speaker during graduation. He feels very excited for college, but he is going to miss his time at RFH.  He wishes the seniors good luck as they pursue college and future careers in their lives.

Ms. Higgins, the Class of 2011 Advisor

There will be other speakers next week during Graduation, many of whom have led through their roles as members of the student government.  Class members included SGA president Chris Saporito, the vice president Mike Schutsky,  Class President Charlie Edler, vice president Matt Gilbertson, secretary Chris Veasey, and treasurer Frank Luby.  They all have worked very hard to make the Class of 2011’s experiences at RFH as enjoyable, entertaining, and memorable as possible.

The valedictorians for the Class of 2011 are Alexa Wutt and Matthew Kurtas. Each will be speaking at graduation.  The graduation song the Tower Singers are performing this year is called “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. The purpose of the graduation song is to wish the seniors good luck and great adventures in their future lives.

These graduating seniors have a lot going for them, and the Tower Review staff wishes them the best of luck. Many of them have personality, humor, enthusiasm, and are a lot of fun. It will be extremely difficult and sad to see all these young men and women go, but we all know that this is just the beginning of their lives in the outside world.  Multiple challenges await ahead for these seniors, but through their will and determination, they will all successfully get through them.  RFH will not be the same without these graduating seniors.

Good luck.


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