RFH Hosts Another Successful Student Film Festival

by Nick Cognata


On June 2nd Mrs. Grumbach, RFH English teacher and film club co-advisor, held her official end of the year film festival.  It was a day of discussing, learning about, and of course, watching films.

At the heart of the festival was a challenge that required students to submit a 60-second or 10-minute film.  Also, throughout the day, various film professionals came to speak with the students about their own experiences with film.  The auditorium was packed during 9th period with students of all ages who were excited to see their fellow students’ work.  Among the students was a professional screenwriter named Rob Thorp, who similarly contributed one of his own pieces.

The films were entered into one of two categories: the first was for all films from two to ten minutes, the other was film club 60 second challenge, which had to include q-tips, water and crackers. If you did not meet this criteria than your film would be incapable of winning the prize. The prize was a $25 gift certificate to Itunes, which was awarded to the director of the film.

The competition was intense.  There were numerous movies entered into both categories in hopes of winning the prize. For the first category of all films from two to ten minutes the winner was Swag Whoop!, which was a gnarly music video that was filmed at our very own Pier Village.  The artist was Charlie Puth and I must say kudos to you, Charlie, for the lyrics.  They were hysterical!

The winner for best 60 second feature was The Dog Snatcher! The title is self explanatory, but I’ll tell you anyway: the main character in the story is getting ready for his day at work, when suddenly he sees his dog get stolen! Seeing this, he jumps out of the window (don’t worry, they had a professional stunt double) and chases the kidnapper into the street. I t is here where the audience sees a guy with a crackers and water stand get trampled by the dog owner and the dog snatcher.  After this takes place, the owner is reunited with his dog, while the thief and the innocent crackers and water salesman are injured.

If you would like to check out any of the videos from the film fest the link is below.


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