Some Great RFH Staff

by Nick Lenczyk


RFH is a high school that is full of young teachers.  Not only that but many older teachers work here too.  The age difference aids the students in learning the ultimate education.  Though some have retired, there are still a handful of them passing what they know onto the next generation teacher.  This article will only highlight four teachers which I personally have had the pleasure of working with over my four years here at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School.  There are many cool, talented people who are very passionate about what they do.

Mrs. Taylor has been a Math teacher here at RFH since the late 1980’s.  Her son Mathew is a senior here at RFH, and her daughter  graduated 2 years ago.  When I was learning the Mathematical part of the state HSPA test, she was the teacher that helped me pass.  Not only is she a great math person, she always treats her students exciting activities, especially on Fridays when school is dragging.  Whenever I needed help doing math, or even if it was for Chemistry, she helped.  She takes time out of her day to help her students and will talk anything through so that a student such as myself can find the answers on my own.

Ms. Howard with 2 Tower Review students

Ms. Howard has been an English teacher at RFH for three years.  I’ve happened to have had her for two of those years in both Creative Writing and the Tower Review.  She makes a great connection with her students, makes us laugh, and makes us proud to be her students.  Her passion for writing is quite obvious and her methods of teaching I feel have worked very well.  The laid back environment of the Tower Review has made writing much easier as well as helped to make me a better writer in other classes too.  I feel she is a great teacher and I hope she continues to do well in her career as a teacher here at RFH for the long future.

Mr. Fallon graduated RFH back in the 1980’s.  He was an RFH Football player who has carried on his athletic career as  the football team’s coach who has led his school to victory gaining the State Championship.  His humor entertains us all as well as his ability to relate to students.  Whenever there’s a story to tell he is the one that will make you laugh.  GYM and Health are a blast and not only do we learn we have a great time.  Fallon is defiantly somebody everybody could get along with.  I’ve never heard a bad thing about him and would suggest if you don’t know who he is to introduce yourself to him.

Pondering the art of ceramics

Mr. Wilson is a talented artist who not only teaches Ceramics, but he also creates beautiful pieces of art in his fee time.  This includes pieces such as the fountain he created third marking period this year.   He also is the head of the Year Book Committee, which always look amazing.  Many students have excelled in his class due to his passionate love of ceramics and time and dedication to helping make students feel the same passion to excel.  People like Chris Lorenz have made some of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen due to the environment which Wilson has created for us.  He clearly loves what he does.

RFH is a very lucky school to have a staff that really loves what they do and wants their students to succeed in life.  These four teachers are just a sample of what RFH has to offer.  It must be a hard task to find the “Teacher of the Year” when really every teacher is special in their own way.  The sense of humor, talents, and truly educated people that mold us keep us smiling even on the rainiest or snowiest days.  I’m glad to have spent my four years here at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School with such extraordinary people.  Students have found a passion for anything ranging from writing to reading to science and politics.  I’m sure other schools would be jealous of what we are so lucky to have here locally.    Thank you for all that you do.


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