Table of Contents: 2010-2011 Final Issue


Dear Readers,

Thank you for another fun and successful year!  The Tower Review  staff truly appreciates your support and your readership!  We hope that you have enjoyed our humor and interests, and that throughout the school year you have found something that spoke to you.  Please enjoy this last issue-until next year, anyway!  As always, happy reading!

We love you, Readers!


Miss Howard and the Tower Review Staff


Culture at Large
Guess Who… the RFH Staff
Ode to Summer by Sara Del Negro
10 Things to Do Over the Summer by Annie Hendrick
Teacherography: School Through a Teacher’s Eyes by Peter Lyden
A Collection of Poetry by Amy DiReda
A Selection of Poems by Jocelyn Delaney
Quite Invasive: A Ten Minute Play by Jillian Dinger

Dr. Fico Honored with RFH’s Educator of the Year Award by Elsa Stoff
Not just a Badminton Tournament by Brooke Wheaton
Paint the Town Pink: A Community Success by Alyson Raywood
Stickball: A Tournament of Champions by Pat Gunther
RFH Graduation: 2011 by Peter Lyden
Phil Jackson: A Retrospective Look at the Zen Master’s Career by Pat Gunther
RFH Hosts Another Successful Student Film Festival by Nick Cognata
Spring Sports Recap by Devan Cappelli
RFH Art Show Lets Students Show Off Talent by Kelsey McCauley

2011 Summer Movie Preview by Nick Cognata
Good Reads for the Summer Heat by Alyson Raywood
Summer Playlists by Alyson Raywood
Must-See TV: Pretty Little Liars by Caleigh Farragher
Summer Concerts: The Places to Be by Devan Cappelli
A History of the Masters by Mike Schutsky
Television Shows Worth Watching by Brooke Wheaton

Most Memorable Class of 2011 Moments by Mike Schutsky
Prom-Why the Hype? by Annie Hendrick
Movie Review: The Hangover Part II by Nick Cognata
Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides by Elsa Stoff
Predictions: MLB Awards by Pat Gunther
Trader Joe’s Localizes in Shrewsbury by Elsa Stoff
Beach Club or Not to Beach Club: That is the Question by Brooke Wheaton
What’s Up with That?: The Royal Wedding by Mike Schutsky
Don’t Forget to Help Nationally, Too by Caleigh Farragher
Summer Trips by Peter Lyden
Increasing Shared Services and Privatizing by Nick Lenczyk

The Final Word
An Open Letter to Rebecca Black by Devan Cappelli
An Open Letter to June 17, 2011 by Annie Hendrick
Some Great RFH Staff by Nick Lenczyk
An Open Letter to the Fourth Marking Period by Caleigh Farragher
The Life of a Senior by Nick Lenczyk

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