The Life of a Senior

by Nick Lenczyk


It is a great feeling to be a Senior!  It has been a long journey through preschool, grammar school, and middle school in Fair Haven.  I thought this day would never come and so did many others and it is hard to believe I will be graduating as the Rumson-Fair Haven Class of 2011 with more than two hundred other students.

I guess the first word that comes to mind is accomplishment; twelve plus years of schooling has molded us into everyday citizens in America.  The majority of us drive; hold one or more jobs, volunteer, plan to continue education into college, and much more.

Senior year is like a treat.  If you complete all the requirements of high school, you can have an easy year.  That free time allowed me to have more fun than I’ve had in years.  You can go to vocational, have a senior project, take all electives, and even test your limits if you wish to do so as a 12th grader.  As a senior you get special privileges that no one can pass up.  While underclassmen are in school ninth period I’m lounging at home watching TV.  Don’t be upset, though, underclassmen, your day will come too.  Beach Day and dinners are also a treat you young men and women will get to have soon enough.

September seems so far away now and July is just around the corner.  This will be the first summer I will not have to count down the days till another school year.  As graduation approaches I find myself reflecting on all the fun times we’ve all had together as students.  We took State Football Champs, fought our way through over thirty inches of snow, had extended evacuations and even lockdowns….and don’t forget the food fight!

Take it from me; all those that are in the low ranks of RFH, keep up the great work.  Someday at our reunions we’ll look back at RFH and all the other schools we’ve passed and say “How did I accomplish that?”  Hard work does pay off in the end.  This year has been the most relaxing year of them all and now that it closes I think I’ll actually miss this place we claim to hate so much.  Graduation is June 17th this year to feel free to come cheer us on into the real world!


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