What’s Up With That?: The Royal Wedding

by Michael Schutsky


Outside the abbey with the crowd

It was dubbed the Wedding of the Century, a must-see event and the wedding of our generation. I watched it, not going to lie, and I thought it was anything but that.

In my opinion all the pomp and circumstance was more like a Saturday Night Live skit than a proper English wedding.  There were some parts that left me wondering: really?  The royal wedding, in a nutshell, was absurdity at its finest; and it provided for great entertainment and a few laughs.

Princess Beatrice wearing a...?

I, unlike some other royal diehards, was not going to turn on the “tele” at 4 a.m. Thanks to modern technology I recorded it and watched the wedding later that evening. The first thing that struck me was the ladies’ hats. I didn’t realize that the Royal Wedding was also a costume party. The hats were insane; I saw hats that made women look like birds, others like reindeer, and my personal favorite was one lady fashioned a hat that had spikes of feathers protruding from it, making it look like a weapon more than a fashion statement.

I got a great laugh out of the exuberant citizens of London who came out in droves line up outside the parade route. Some spectators were average citizens who casually came to observe the historic moment. Others were London partiers who went way overboard on the celebrating but provided a good laugh. Some spectators were dressed like the royals (maybe trying to sneak into the wedding), one man had body paint of the Union Jack on him, and others slept out in tents along the parade route for two or even three days!   Once the married couple exchanged a rather personal moment in a large public arena, the boisterous crowd went wild as if they themselves had just gotten married.

Lastly, the moment everyone was waiting for, neither the ring nor the vows, but how much Prince William looks like Mr. Margolis (RFH Science Teacher).  The similarities are stunning. The only difference is that Price William is the Prince of Wales, a war hero, and in line to be King of England, and Mr. Margolis is in line to be the next RFH Funniest Teacher Award.

That was the royal wedding to me. Sorry if I upset some diehard royalist out there but it is pretty ridiculous, and it just left me wondering: really?



One Response to “What’s Up With That?: The Royal Wedding”

  1. Mr. Galante Says:

    Mike, if “Queen” Latifah were to marry Larry King, would that count as America’s version of a royal wedding? Please ponder and reply to this urgent societal question.

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