Bangkok House: Eatontown Meets Traditional Thai Cuisine

 by Alex


Want to have a delicious and satisfying dining experience?  If so, then go to Bangkok House!  This restaurant will please you from the moment you walk in.

To add to the delicious food, the service enhances your experience and makes dining out  an absolute pleasure.  From the moment you walk in, the staff is polite and helpful.  The waiters and waitresses make sure your traditional Thai fruit juice glass is never empty.  The food always comes quickly, and you never have to find someone to get you another bowl of steaming white rice.  The staff also entertains you with their Thai accents and conversation.  They make the restaurant an absolute delight to eat in!

A view from the street

Situated in the center of Fair Haven with two easy entrances and good parking, access and travel are convenient and simple.  The layout adds to Bangkok House’s positive appearance.  The tables, a perfect distance apart, never make you  feel like you are sitting on someone’s lap.  The kitchen and bathrooms are situated to the sides of the restaurant; therefore, you never feel cramped or disgusted.  Panoramic windows give you the opportunity to look at the beautiful outdoors.  Finally, the party room is private and intimate; therefore, other customers can savor the layout, which allows you to enjoy your meal to the fullest.

The atmosphere adds to the overall ambiance of the restaurant.  With tables covered in original Thai cloths of bright red, gold, and green colors, an ornate décor of Thai sculptures, paintings, and pillows, and silver and straw menus, Bangkok House provides the perfect atmosphere for families, dates, and parties. Additionally, the cleanliness of Bangkok House is immaculate.  No bugs and clean bathrooms—what more can you want?  When you walk to your table, you will see clean, pressed decorative Thai tablecloths without any stains on them. No dirt will ruin this dinner!

The food prepared at the restaurant tastes appetizing and interesting.  Appetizers like pork satay and a Thai crepe appear well portioned and tasty.  The aperitifs entice your senses, emitting smells of the fried crispy outer layer of the pork satay and the aromatic dough of the crepe.  They give a taste of the splendid dinner to come.  For an entrée, be sure to try the masaman curry.  It comes to the table presented with a side of perfectly cooked jasmine rice. The masaman curry with diced vegetables and meat in a hot and sweet sauce is a mouth watering meal.  

A wonderful ambiance

Kid-friendly choices include mild curries and Thai noodles like pad thai. Drink options are anything from a simple thai iced tea or coffe to various exotic fruit juice drinks.  If you want an impossibly outrageous end to an already amazing dinner, you have to try the fried jackfruit.  Covered with a scoop of tazo ice cream and a hot fruity sauce, the desert is perfection for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The menu selection only adds to Bangkok House’s positive features.  The menu includes pad thai for the Thai cuisine amateur, to spicy and hot curries for the more developed Thai palette.  Bangkok House even has its own version of an American Thanksgiving dinner, called lard nah, a  delicious dish with noodles and pork topped with a hot, invigorating gravy.  With the variety of Thai noodles, curries, meats, and seafood, you can always find something that you like.

An outrageous price can spoil your meal.  Not to worry, the prices at Bangkok House are moderate.  They have lunch specials and well-priced dishes. Whatever you order, the meal will always be a good value.  For example, green curry is only $15.95, and you can have a meal of pad thai for only $12.95.

Bangkok House gave me a tantalizing dining experience, and I hope it will for you as well!


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