Bye Bye, Books, Hello, Kindle

by Madeline


Finished that book already?  Drat.  It’s back to the library or the book store.  Wait… why not forget about the heavy, bulky hardcover books and switch to the 21st century?

The breakout of eReaders since 2007- has been overwhelming.  They allow users to access thousands of their favorite books, magazines, and newspaper articles with just a few clicks.  There are many different models to choose from, including the Nook, Kindle, and even the iPad.  However, I highly recommend Amazon’s Kindle for your reading pleasures.

The Amazon Kindle

The Kindle is known for its lightweight, sleek, and glare-protectant shell.  On the inside, this electronic device exceeds my expectations.  It takes less than 60 seconds to download a book, and within minutes, you can dive right into newly published bestsellers, or even a classic from the 1800s. Amazon has very reasonable prices, most books ranging from 99 cents to 15 dollars. It also offers a variety of books for free.  Several of these books are either self-published or mass produced classics.  You will also find that books that are required in schools are priced lower, which is another benefit and a way to avoid end-of-the-year fines.

There are two minor drawbacks of the Kindle.   One is the lack of page numbers.  The system that the Kindle uses to mark the page of the book is confusing, and many times I find myself struggling to figure out which page I’m on in the novel. Yes, it does tell you how far you’ve read, but it’s displayed through a small progress bar at the bottom of the screen, and the numbers are given based on your actual location in the book. I find this a bit cumbersome, and makes it harder to use for school reading assignments.  Amazon is planning to release software that will remedy this.  However, it will only apply to the newer books, and it may not work for some.

Super sleak and lightweight

The second drawback is the absence of backlighting.  Yes, the Kindle is glare-proof, so reading outside is a lot easier, but it is impossible to read without exterior lighting. I find this a bit annoying when I want to read before bed.  However, it can be easily fixed with the assistance of a reading light. You can also purchase a case for the Kindle that includes a small reading light, which is great for when you’re out of the house.

Amazon is continuing to make changes to the Kindle, and has recently released a new version. This one is a bit smaller, and does not include a physical keyboard like the previous versions. It seems to be a bit more compact, and it can do just about everything that the Kindle Keyboard can do.

Amazon’s newest and most advanced version, the Kindle Fire, was recently released on November 15th.  Based upon initial reviews, this one will be the best one yet!  Consumers have over 18 million movies, songs, books, magazines, TV shows, and many popular games and applications at their fingertips.   The new web browser, Amazon Silk, is supposedly the fastest yet.

A huge bonus of the Kindle fire? Color.  And, finally, a backlight, which many have eagerly been waiting for!

The Kindle is fast, lightweight, and very user friendly; I highly recommend this device for all readers.   Amazon has just released new versions of the Kindle, from the Kindle Touch, to the Kindle Fire. The price range will be more flexible, and they will have a model for just about everyone!


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