Financial Literacy a New Course At RFH

by Doug


The 2011-2012 school year at Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School has welcomed many changes, including the addition of Financial Literacy, a state mandated course for all sophomores.

Mo money, mo problems

Financial Literacy is aimed toward giving students anI understanding of money, investing, insurance, marketing, and so on. It also teachers students  how and why the stock market goes up and down on a daily basis.  Most teens understand the importance of making money, but not of saving it and planning for the future.

The course seems most suited for sophomores.  Freshman are too young because  most are around the ages of fourteen and fifteen, and are not allowed to have jobs yet.  Sophomores, however, probably around the ages of fifteen and sixteen, may be starting to work for the first time.

This class is offered during 9th period, and lasts for one marking period.  Mr. Petruzella, Mr. Lanza, and Mrs. Cimerosi all teach the course, and have various experiences and backgrounds with business education.   Mr. Petruzella worked on Wall Street for 45 years and has a lot of experience in the business field, which means he really knows what he is talking about.  Mr. Lanza has taught AP Economics for many years, and has a similar knowledge.  Similarly, Mrs. Cimerosi has taught business courses at the high school, and advises FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America).

Mr. Pettruzella believes in the purpose of this new graduation requirement, as well as the expertise the staff at RFH has: “A necessary requirement for teaching this class is an education in business and the experience of working on Wall Street.”

Mr. Pettruzella also believes this class is an important way for young teens to understand basic things like writing checks, balancing a check book, and doing taxes. “All of basic stuff I am teaching these kids is simple and easy to learn, but they just have to pay attention.”


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