Hillary Clinton: The Woman Who Should Have Been President

by Alexandra


Ever wonder what is wrong with our country these days?  Is it the issues in Afghanistan or on Wall Street?  Or is it something more?  Does it lie at the heart of our country?  In the depths of the democracy that we have forcefully tried to create and maintain?  Is it an issue of the elected officials at the top of the totem pole?  Or is it the citizens themselves?    

No–it could be Barack Obama, the man who should not have been president.  Obama has little experience as a politician, and his only previous position was as a senator from Illinois.  He lacks expertise in communicating with the senate and other politians in DC and seems more interested in running his family than making monumental decisions for the country.  How can we have a leader like this for our country?  

Hillary Clinton

But then who would be there to take his place?  John McCain?  No.  But how about a successful Secretary of State, New York senator, First Lady of Arkansas, and First Lady of the United States (who assisted her husband in his presidential duties)?   How about Hillary Clinton, the woman who should’ve been president?

Recent statistics show that many are questioning whether Hillary Clinton would have made a better president.  The New York Post conducted a poll asking if Clinton would have made a better Democratic candidate. The results were staggering, with 68% of women and 59% of men holding a favorable view toward Hillary Clinton.

Besides American citizens and voters, politicians have debated this integral question.  Cheney agrees that Clinton would have made the better Democratic leader at the White House for the 2008-2012 term; the former Vice President thinks that Hillary Clinton might have been better at building bridges with Republicans.

Cheney stated, “She might have been easier for some of us who are critics of the President to work with.”

Other items factoring in Clinton’s superiority are highly personal.  When Obama came into office, he was not alone.  He brought his first family with him, his wife, Michelle Obama, and his two daughters, Sasha and Malai Obama.  Holding this position of power has impacted the Obama family.  His wife, Mrs. Obama, misses everyday activities such as “shopping in Target” without being followed by the Secret Service.  How can he concentrate on his presidential duties when he is more concerned with his family’s affairs and vacations?

Although Clinton would also not be alone in the White House, unlike Michelle Obama, her spouse, Bill Clinton, would understand the power and pressure that comes with the presidential title and would be more accepting of Hillary’s position and constrictions in time.  She also has a grown daughter who would not be facing the same conditions growing up in the White House.  Obama already has weaknesses as a politician and President, but without a supportive, understanding, and powerful family, how can he possibly manage the affairs of the United States of America?

Food for thought

Lastly, although Obama was a prior senator from Illinois, he lacks Clinton’s experience as a politician and First Lady.  As her positions as Secretary of State, First Lady of Arkansas, senator of New York, and First Lady of the United States, she understands what changes must be made in America, as well as the role of a President.  Compared to Obama and his family’s reaction, Hillary Clinton would not be bamboozled if she was elected to the White House, but could instead have made the transition easily and started working with the Senate immediately.

With all the issues in America today, can we really afford to have an inexperienced and uncooperative President in office?  If we want to change the country and do not want to become a politician ourselves, our only power is to elect the most deserving and competent candidate.  Then, we can possibly make American the best it can be.  With both my and your help, we can all contribute to this wonderful place and fulfill America’s potential to be a leading nation by using our power as a democracy to elect the candidate in the presidential 2012 election that would be most successful.

Although we cannot change the past, we still have control over the future. Through the help of all American voters, we can change DC and America with one easy step by voting for Hillary Clinton for president. 


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