‘Jerseylicious:’ A Season Finale to Remember

by Kaitlin


On the season finale of Jerseylicious, nobody was expecting the unexpected.  On the previous episode before the season finale was a huge cliffhanger.

On the past episode the Gatsby Salon was planning on franchising so they had a party, a franchising party.  But when Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi walked into the saloon and offered an amount that would send her and her daughter into retirement, there was a decision to be made: whether to sell or not.   Then the episode cut off.

The season finale of Jerseylicious surpassed my expectations. The episode was an hour and fifteen minutes.  The Gatsby coworkers started to panic because it seemed certain that they were going to be out of jobs soon.  They were scared beyond belief.  One of the coworkers, Anthony Robert, has his own salon and he wanted to expand but in order to expand you needed the money.  So the Flippo’s parents put money in for Anthony’s new salon.

So then they all wanted to work there because they were sure she was going to sell at the end of the episode.  However, she decides not to sell. And then the season finale cuts off.  I guess we will have to wait until next season to see what is in store for the Gatsby Salon!


Image: http://stylebymeli.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/jerseylicious.jpg


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