Movie Remakes: Double Trouble

by Devan


Remakes….every movie seem to require one these days.  Whether it’s Halloween featuring Michael Meyers or Footloose with rebellious teens, these remakes are sprouting up everywhere.

Remakes are inevitable in the world of movie production. They also inevitably result in money in the bank for the directors, producers and actors. But, some may ask, how?  They’re merely the same story told again…and usually not as well.

What’s the point of a remake?  Have directors completely lost their minds?  Or are they so money-hungry that they have forgotten originality?


Halloween– The classic horror movie
o A tale of a homicidal boy, a horrified neighborhood, and the victims
The various adventures of Michael Myers are always the same, but for some reason John Carpenter decided, “hey let’s make eight movies to follow up the first one.”   I understand that  a second, maybe even a third, but eight movies to clarify that Michael will never die no matter what weapon you use against him? Let’s be realistic for a minute, yes the first one was great and well directed but there is no need for more than three max.

The Thing
o A creepy alien who takes over human bodies to attack other humans
Let’s face it. Directors and producers have lost it. A movie called The Thing is one note but to remake it is just plain silly. The directors should maybe take recognition as to how it’s called THE THING not The Thing(s)!

Ocean’s 11
o An ex con breaking parole to rob multiple casinos at once
The original Ocean’s 11 had Frank Sinatra as the main character. Enough said. Yes ladies, George Clooney is SO handsome and nothing against Clooney but there is no way that he can ever top Frank Sinatra, especially at robbing multiple casinos at once. I mean how many movies do you need to make before you realize no one can top Sinatra?

Nightmare on Elm St.
o A killer who gets you in your dreams
In 1984, millions of people were scarred when the deformed killer came to movie theaters everywhere. “Looking back on this mark in movie history you can’t help but think of the famous quote “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you, three, four, better lock door” was the scariest thing you could say to a person. I can see why this movie didn’t do as well as the remake it’s because they took out the classic feel out of the movie! I applaud the fact that you didn’t plagiarize and had the grace to keep it original to an extent but sometimes it is a good idea to keep the classic scare involved.


The War of the Worlds
o Aliens invading the Earth to take over mankind
Tom Cruise. That’s the movie in a nutshell. The remake of The War of the Worlds was just another way for directors and Tom Cruise to make more money. There is never a reason to remake a movie….unless Tom Cruise is in it, of course. Aliens invading Earth…how original.




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