‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ is Still Alive and Kicking

by Doug


This is the fifth season of NCIS: Los Angeles.  It is a continuation of last year’s season finale, shown on CBS on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM. This new season has a lot to do with how the main character, Callen, played by Chris O’Donnell, is about to find out who he is, who his family was, and what country he came from.

In the last season we found out that Callen, his mother, and his sister came from Romania. However, Callen’s mother is murdered by a family called the Comescu’s. Alexa Comescu is the head of the Comescu family and she had all of the information about Callen’s past.  Before Callen’s mother was killed, she had been in contact with a CIA agent who was going to help Ms. Callen get out of Romania and give her asylum in the United States as a citizen.  However, before this happened she was killed on a beach right in front of her five year-old-son, Callen.

This family was involved in many things such as money laundering, human trafficking, and drug dealing. The reason why Callen’s mother was killed was because the Comescu family wanted to get back at Callen’s grandfather for killing specific members of the Comescu crime family. The Comescu’s were after Callen in the last season because he was one of the last living descendants of the OSS agent who killed some of their family.

In my opinion I feel that this season has been the best one yet, mostly because of the secrets that have been revealed about Callen’s past.  As this season started the audience knew that a lot of things were going to happen due to the cliffhangar of the last season.


Image:  http://sharetv.org/shows/untitled_ncis_spinoff


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