School Clubs: Are you Part of One?

by Brooke


This 2011-2012 school year, Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School is offering students the opportunity to maintain productive by getting them involved in extracurricular activities. Some of these clubs are listed below:

1.      FBLA

Future Business Leaders of America is a club that benefits students by teaching them about business-related matters. In the organization, members sell chocolate to raise money for the club. The advisor is Ms. Cimorosi and the president is Robert Gabriel. The meetings are before school; there are no meetings after school, which would be preferable for RFH students who are busy. If one enjoys new goals, activities, and networking, the club will be interesting.

2.      Gay- Straight Alliance

The GSA organization is a unique association at RFH. Anyone can join this club. Mr. Emmich advises the group, by holding morning meetings and planning activities. It helps individuals show the community that everyone should be open-minded pertaining to straight, gay, or undecided people. All around the RFH School there are posters related to the GSA about tolerance and respect.

3.      International Club

The international club is popular and engaging. The organization brings culture awareness to the participants. The meetings are in the mornings, but there is involvement with this club outside of school as well. Mrs. Maglione is the advisor. The president is senior Abby Cooner while the vice president is Junior Katie Veasey. Junior, Kristen Sullivan is the historian of the group. International club mainly pertains to languages and traditions of different countires. This allows students to find interests outside of the United States by a school program, Secretary and treasurer Liz Ginalis (senior) has a job that entails making ideas for the club along with planning and organizing events. She also leads the meeting and sends emails to inform members regarding dates. She even explained, “Currently we have 100 people on the email list. We eat a lot of diverse food and learn about many cultures.” Ginalis told that not only is it fun, the group members go out to restaurants pertaining to cultures.

4.      Key Club

Key club is an extremely active club based on volunteering, which supports the community. Meetings are held on Tuesday mornings before school in M-4. Participants are required to complete a total of twenty-five hours of community service by the end of the school year. Also, fifteen hours must be strictly events one can sign up for in the club. The rest of the hours can be outside volunteer work. The club is advised by Mr. Pennetti.  The President of this club is Zach Fendrick with the vice president being Chris Brodsky. The Secretary is Kristen Sullivan and the treasurer is Jen Malone. The volunteering wok can be accomplished through school events, hospitals, walks, and more.

5.      Math League

The Math League consists of students in honors and regular math. There are six away meets during the school year, which are all on Monday. Mrs. Russell is the advisor of this club. RFH competes against Middletown North High School, Christian Brother’s Academy, Red Bank Regional High School, Colts Neck High School, and Middletown South High School. Mrs. Russell has been running this organization for about ten years. Through out the years, fewer students have been signing up. However she stated, “More kids have signed up than last year.” Mrs. Russell explained no matter how many students sign up, twelve are chosen to compete at the meets. She also added that, “At competitions it is basic math through trigonometry.” The basic idea for this club is to have students participate that enjoy math and like solving problems.

 6.      Tower Players

Students that participate in tower players have to commit themselves to it. Mrs. Sweeney directs their play productions. Rehearsals are mandatory in order for the school plays to be the best they can be. The costumes, music, acting, and sceneries have to be all taken into account. RFH has a particularly good drama area. Once a state evaluator stated, “I sometimes forgot I was watching a high school production. It was that good.”

 7.      Tower Review

The Tower Review is a class that is responsible for writing the school newspaper. It is an elective that can be retaken. The staff submits articles to wordpress, which is then taken into consideration by the teacher of the course, Miss Howard. RFH is unique by having the newspaper online, posing as a literary magazine. Also, students can submit their work, even if they are not present in the Tower Review class. Miss Howard explains that, “It gives students a unique opportunity to have work read by different people.” The school’s set up of the newspaper is an advantage because it connects the RFH communities with other areas. This organization reaches out to students who love writing, journalism, and creativity.

8. Year Book

Mr. Wilson advises year book club. Seniors who participate in the club meet every Tuesday at 2:45. Underclassmen meet on Thursdays in the library at 2:45. This is a fun club to take because students get authority of the yearbook designs! Some decisions are: choosing pictures, including quotations, and making the layout.

If you need something to do after school, check out one of these organizations, or the many others at RFH!


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