Table of Contents: 2011-2012 1st Edition


Dear Reader,

We are kicking off another exciting year of the Tower Review, with a new staff and a new mission.  We hope that you enjoy our first edition, and that you find in it something interesting, informative, and entertaining.

Happy reading,

The 2011-2012 Tower Review Staff


Table of Contents:

The Tower Players Present a Winter Wonderland by Alexandra
RFH Respect Week: More Than Just a Week by Megan
Financial Literacy a New Course at RFH by Doug
Bullying Policy Upgrade at RFH by Devan
The RFH Marching Band Takes 3rd  by Kaitlin

Culture at Large
School Clubs: Are You a Part of One? by Brooke
Bulldawg Poetry by Madeline

‘Real Steel:’ Not the Real Deal by David
‘Footloose:’ Not Quite the Original by Devan
Video Games: They May Not Turn Your Brain to Mush After All by Doug
Movie Remakes: Double Trouble by Devan
‘Jerseylicious:’ A Season Finale to Remember by Kaitlin
‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ is Still Alive and Kicking by Doug

Friend or Foe-Food in the Classroom by Megan
Bangkok House: Eatontown Meets Traditional Thai Cuisine by Alexandra
Bye Bye, Books, Hello, Kindle by Madeline
‘The Lying Game’ Series by Brooke
New Fairwinds Deli is More Than Fair by Megan
Hillary Clinton: The Woman Who Should Have Been President by Alexandra
Lions and Tigers and Bears invade Zanesville, Ohio…but Why? by Madeline

Final Word
An Open Letter to the Spineless Parents in Aisle 5 by David
Ten Ways to End Writers’ Block by Madeline


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