‘The Lying Game’ Series

by Brooke


The Lying Game is an entertaining and exciting television series based on the novel by Sara Shepard.  Shepard is also well-known for her series, Pretty Little Liars.

Gina Girolamo, the show’s producer, was not surprised when ABC Family bought the title because Sara Sherpard’s other book series also became a successful series.  The first episode of the Lying Game aired August 15, 2011, and it has hit the ground running as a series.

The series surrounds a mystery involving Emma Backer and Sutton Mercer’s family secrets. They are twins that had to separate at birth.  Their mother supposedly died while Sutton was adopted into a nice wealthy family; however, Emma was sent into foster care.

Sutton, who is interested in solving the ambiguous storyline, makes her twin sister Emma switch places with her.  Although, Sutton knows her mother is alive, her family told her that her birth mother was dead. While Sutton attempts to look for her mother, her adoptive parents do not know about Emma.  When Emma is pretending to be Sutton she accidently and sometimes purposely creates drama and makes Sutton furious. They look alike, but that does not relate to their differing personalities.

The cast is entertaining because the actors are not common.  Emma Becker and Sutton Mercer are both played by Alexandra Chando.  She is best known for playing Maddie Coleman on As the World Returns.  Sutton’s other sister Laurel is played by Allie Gonino, who also stars in the series Ten Things I Hate About You.  Kirsten Prout (form Kyle XY) and Alice Greczyn (from Make it or Break it/Lincoln Heights) act out Suttons friends.

Blair Redford plays Ethan Whitehorse, who acts as Sutton’s love interest.  He could tell Emma really was not Sutton in the beginning.  Even though he was in on the secretive plan, he ended up together with Emma, causing Sutton to become extremely upset.

The Lying Game is entertaining and relatable.  The filming is high quality and the dialogue is entertaining.   Its audience can right away feel a connection with the clever plot line.  New episodes are on Monday nights at 8:00 on ABC Family.


Image: http://abcfamily.go.com/shows/lying-game


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