The RFH Marching Band Takes 3rd in its First Competition of the Season

by Kaitlin


The Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School Marching Band took 3rd place at it’s first United States Scholastic Band Association (USSBA) competition this September  at Jackson Memorial High School.  RFH competed against Burlington Township High School and Manchester Township High School.

The band during its performance

The band during its performance

The Marching Band is a dedicated group; the morning started at 11 am with practice, which lasted until 1:30. The bus was leaving at 2:15, which only gave the color guard 45 minutes to do just their make up. Before you knew it, was time to get on the bus and get going.

When the band got into Jackson, that’s when things went wrong.  The Marching Band got lost, and it took an extra hour to get to the competition.  They then all warmed up together and walked over to the field.  There the marching band waited for their turn to take the field.

“The moment is like no other;  it’s a do or die moment,” said Kaitlin, one of the members in the color guard. “It’s like your heart is beating out of your chest your breathing gets deeper and heavier.  It gets dead silent for a moment.”

 After the performance, the band had a meeting with their band directors, Mr. Grillo, Ms. Marino, and Mr. Mottern. They said how proud they were and how they couldn’t have been any happier with their performance.  Then the band watched the rest of the schools perform.

Mr Grillo stated that he thought RFH we would be on par with the rest of the marching bands. He was sure that we were prepared for the competition that day.  He feels that the band has grown to become a family more then a club, largely because of how much time its members spend together.

When asked if he thought the  judges judged fairly, he said, “ I guess you can say that it was a good day.   We came home with the prize and that was all that mattered.”


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