Video Games: They May Not Turn Your Brain to Mush After All

by Doug


Are video games an annoyance or a positive influence on today’s youth? In my opinion, video games have a positive influence on children because they help them develop problem-solving and use their common sense.

People do not really understand that there are good games for children and young adults to play, depending on his or her age and what parents let them play. No matter the rating of the game, all these video games have educational components to them.  Even if the game has to do to with war or violence, it gives kids the chance to use their common sense in order to solve certain problems as part of the game.

For example, Modern Warfare 2, is a war game that requires the player to act quickly during an assault, as well as develop strategy.  He must think before he plays, considering weaponry for various types of terrain and battles.  In most Call of Duty games, players can pick and choose their own classes.  This means that players can pick their own weapons and can customize them anyway they want.  Aside from MW2, there are many other educational games, most of them based on various action films.

One of my favorites out of all of them is Mafia 2. This game gives the player the chance to roam around NYC through the 40s and 50s and find various ways to survive.

Another educational and healthy alternative to shooting games is the Kinect for Xbox 360. The reason why the Kinect is considered a healthier alternative is because it allows the player to actually get out of their seat and up moving around.  Many are exercise-themed and require players to do something instead of moving their thumbs for a couple of hours on a controller.


There are certain types of games which involve a lot of strategy and planning.  Such games include Rainbow Six, Vegas 2, and Ghost Recon 2.  These games are not something to be laughed at; they are for advanced players who do not merely rush at enemies.  These games allow the player to take control and plan what they want to do.  In other words, the character you use can command his or her team to perform certain tasks like move to a particular position or breach a certain door.

Studies have shown that when children and young adults play video games, they tend to think more outside the box compared to what they would do during other activities. Parents may not like it, but video games can be mentally stimulating to a child’s mind.  So go play.




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