Prom Season is Here

by Megan


Prom.  It is a timeless theme for countless movies and TV shows all over teen-consumed media. High School drama at its very finest as all the girls and guys vigorously search the school for their most desired date. Whether you’re just bringing a friend or an actual crush, there is no one occasion that can pack more drama, dresses, and disaster than prom.

For both the junior and the senior prom at Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School, however, things have changed this year; and hopefully it will be for the better. These changes are especially prominent for junior prom.

The most significant change is the date. Normally in the sunny month of May, all the RFH buzz is surrounding wearing brand new strapless dresses in the rainy month of March.  But the juniors and their dates have nothing to fear yet, for the venue was changed this year as well. The main dance will take place at the Grand Marquis in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Post Prom will later take place at iPlay in Freehold.

With so many of RFH’s juniors looking forward to prom, one would hope that chilly weather or a change in location would not ruin their day. Perhaps the most talked about change is the location of the post- prom party. Post-prom will be held at iPlay America in Freehold.

Post prom is, in many ways, just as long-awaited and anticipated as the dance itself. It has always been held at RFH as a way for juniors to stay together and stay safe after the dance has concluded. Every year, post prom is held somewhere where the students can eat, hang out, and talk with one another.

Prom is a monumental experience for most highschoolers anywhere. Some may think it is over-done, but the reason it creates such a rave might just be because it is always being talked about. During the spring, magazine articles, malls, and even TV shows promote this seemingly significant high school experience. But how could prom not be highly anticipated? It is what everyone looks forward to here at RFH, and what everyone is talking about.


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