A Closer Look at the Marching Band

by Kaitlin


The friendships being a member of the marching band makes will last a life time. “If it wasn’t for marching band I would have no friends,” Ashley, a drum major, said. The marching band has grown to become family. They are all weird in their own special way but that’s what makes them closer to each other.  You can say that the marching band is one big family, or Motley Crew.

When the summer time comes around that’s when band camp starts. They do many fun things  during band camp, such as piggyback runs across the field.  Mr. Grillo, the band director, finds it very entertaining to watch them run like that. During their lunch break, the marching band members have costume contests and each day is themed differently.  For example, one day might be Disney Day, and you have to dress up like a Disney character.

The RFH Marching Band performs

This song called Tonight Tonight is their theme song. That is what the marching band sings whenever they may not place as well as they hope.  The marching band knows that they had fun and they went out there and did their best and had fun with it. That’s what really matters.

“I could not have been happier with the way the season turned out.  The whole band was dedicated and work really hard from July through the end of the football season.  Ultimately, if the crowds we perform for are happy and the band members have fun performing the show, then everything else is icing on the cake,” commented Grillo on the season.

He was very happy with this season as he went on the excitement seemed to build in his voice. I guess you could say that the marching band season went out with a bang.


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