A Vampire Series… Without the Sparkle

by Madeline


Does the plotline “two guys pining for one special girl” sound familiar?  What if I add that at least one of them’s a vampire?  No, I’m not talking about Twilight, but rather an older series inspired by L.J. Smith’s book series, The Vampire Diaries.

The Vampire Diaries has become increasingly popular after the release of its CW’s TV series. However, this vampire love triangle was created almost ten years prior to Twilight’s release. Instead of a mind-reading sparkling vampire and a so-called “werewolf” fighting for a shallow, depressing, 17-year-old brunette with no personality; Stefan and Damon Salvatore, two vampire brothers, compete for Elena Gilbert’s heart. She’s the fairytale to Bella Swan’s darkest nightmares. She’s blonde, beautiful, and has a personality of a lioness to boot.

The Vampire Diaries has significantly grown in popularity with the outbreak of vampire-obsessed readers; which has benefited the series tremendously.  In fact, it finally gets the recognition it deserves. With a fresh conflict in each book, from crazed newly turned werewolves to an “original” vampire, this series has everything Twilight lacks. Yes, I guess the Volturi, the original vampire family mocks this same scenario, but with much less action and suspense. I found the scenes in which the Volturi to be overatted, and not entertaining at all. I originally thought that these century-old vampires were going to bring some kind of excitement to this story, but I was unsatisfied with their interactions with Bella and Edward in New Moon.

The Vampire Diaries’s “Original” on the other hand, Klaus, was a bloodthirsty killer, who possessed teenage girls and killed quite a few people in Fell’s Church, a small fictional civil war town in Virginia, in which the Vampire Diaries takes place. There is far more action and more depth to the overall plot of this series within each situation that the protagonists have to face.

The TV connection, aired on the CW channel on Thursdays at 8:00, is very different from the books, but just as captivating. I highly recommend this book for all Twilighters and those who don’t want to waste time reading thousands of pointless adjectives.

No Sparkling Vampires Allowed on this production set. These vamps stick with some of the more original tales. Burning in the sunlight, immortality, drinking human blood, mind control… typical Dracula relatives.

The Vampire Diaries, comprised of 7 books, is full of romance, action, and a whole lot of crazy nail biter cliffhangers.  I highly recommend this to all non-Twi-hards, and those who are just tired of reading about shiny-obsessed 17-year-old girls who live with their fathers in small, rainy towns.



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