An Introduction to New RFH Teachers

by Brooke


Four new teachers joined the staff at Rumson Fair Haven Regional High in September of 2011. The faculty members at RFH have a variety of intriguing personalities with many interesting perspectives. It is not difficult to see that the RFH ensures quality teachers with teaching methods that make learning easy to students. The new teachers contribute to making the school exciting and helpful for all students.

Mr. Phister and his backpack

RFH gained a new math teacher in the beginning of the year. Mr. Pfister is one ff the several faculty members teaching Algebra II, which is mostly a 10th grade course. He went to high school at Toms River South and College at Lycoming in Pennsylvania. Captivatingly, he wanted to be a year round lifeguard in Hawaii before he knew he would become a teacher. Mr. Pfister decided to become a math teacher, since it was always his favorite subject as a student. Mr. Pfister played lacrosse during his high school time and pertaining to RFH he noted, “I had a lot of respect for the integrity of the school.” He enjoys teaching at RFH and thinks he will continue his teaching career for a while. Students can always find him in room 101 for extra help!

Another new and notable teacher at RFH is Mrs. Foster. She went to high school at Red Bank Catholic High School, which is nearby. She continued as a student at Penn State University in New York followed by Georgian Court University to achieve her second degree. Mrs. Foster is now getting her masters in Jersey City. She is truly dedicated to teaching and helping students. Right after college she had a career in medical sales until about ten years ago in 2002.About thirteen years ago, Mrs. Foster decided to change her career and become a teacher. Science was always her favorite subject as a student; however, her first love was chemistry. She said, “I love teaching both physics and chemistry because physical chemistry is my true interest.” Aside from her ambitions in science, she enjoys teaching in general because she gets to view all the different personalities of her students. Mrs. Foster was able to find and apply at RFH easily, since she was familiar with the area and reputation of the school.

Ms. Borsuk (right) working with a student

A new English teacher was also added to the school. Ms. Borsuk attended high school at Allentown in New Jersey, which is about forty-five minutes away from RFH. She continued to College at Monmouth University and graduated last May. Interestingly, in her family she is a sixth generation teacher. At first she did not want to be like the rest of her family. Although, senior year in high school, Ms. Borsuk chose her major as a teacher. Her favorite part in teaching she admits is, “Watching kids grow from the beginning.” She enjoys observing the progression in students from their freshman to their senior year. She was able to learn about RFH and apply because of her student teaching job at Red Bank Regional High School. Ms. Borsuk added, “I hope to continue with my teaching job and get more involved with the school as the years go by.” She always offers help to her English I honors and English III classes in the LRC. Ms. Borsuk had an interest in theatre as well as English as a student. She knows to bring her theatre knowledge into the classroom to help the students with getting into the literature.  Hopefully she will get to contribute to RFH’s talented theatre productions in the future.

Ms. Benfatti at her desk

Ms. Benfatti is a new and uplifting inclass resource teacher. She was a student at Brick Memorial High School and attended Temple University. Ms. Benfatti was always interested in different topics and enjoyed learning. She decided to take on the teaching career in college. She is satisfied with her career at RFH and stated, “I love learning with and from the students.” As a student, Ms. Benfatti’s favorite classes were Art and English. At RFH, she aids in Global and English and likes helping in both classes equally. She offers extra help for her students and enjoys teaching in general.

RFH contains a reliable and commendable faculty. Along with all teachers, the new members add to making the environment respectful and directed to help students achieve what they deserve.


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