An Open Letter to Black Friday Shoppers

by Brooke


Dear Black Friday Shoppers,

Thank you for keeping up the traditional shopping day after Thanksgiving. The Black Friday event kicks off the official holiday shopping in the United States. It has been the busiest shopping day consistently since 2005; however, the term Black Friday has been around since 1966. Participants contributed to keep this annual purchasing day intact. The concept of Black Friday is a good yet bizarre idea at the same time. Stores open at four in the morning, or earlier. Individuals go out to get discounts for themselves or to find good bargains on gifts for upcoming holidays. On this extreme shopping day, there are practical, thoughtful, and intense participants.

Sensible Black Friday shoppers have the right idea. I get the bargain shopping to save money even if that entails getting up at an early time in the morning. Some practical Black Friday shoppers even wait to go to the stores around seven or eight, which sounds more reasonable. It is understandable to try and find low prices whether it’s at the mall, K-Mart, Target, Kohls, Macy’s, or Best Buy.

Also, there are some thoughtful shoppers. Some participants go out on Black Friday solely for buying holiday. Sometimes the holiday season is stressful, especially if you do not have all the money in the world while shopping for big families. For instance, an individual could possibly have to shop for her or his parents, kids, husband, cousins, siblings, and others. If that means some considerate people are willing to go out before sunrise to buy gifts, then it is respectable.

However, Black Friday shoppers are not always sensible or selfless. Sometimes they are intense and will go to the extreme. Some search for stores that open at midnight and shop until all the other stores open at four. After the Thanksgiving feast, which is capable of making everyone tired, people go out after to shop until the next night. I find this ridiculous. This is how you all cause Black Friday to be dangerous…

So many shoppers, so little time...

Some accidents occur on Black Friday. In 2008, around 2,000 people trampled into a store. The store never opened because the huge crowd pushed through the door and opened it themselves. People got trampled and pulled away by police. Soon, the store was forced to shut down. This was all to try and save a few dollars off video games. In 2005, there was an accident that included people pushing each other down while injuring a pregnant woman. This is not unusual for Black Friday’s. There have even been shooting during the madness. I suppose Black Friday gets people too hyped up. It’s shameful to say we cannot handle the early shopping day and cause riots. Besides the accidents, people camp out days prior to store openings to be first in line. Some mothers even brought their young children to join their long and dreadful shopping journeys.

The concept of Black Friday is hard to wrap my head around sometimes. I completely understand those of you who are just looking to save money and go shopping when the stores open. I find it hard to imagine the dangers that this shopping holiday maintains ever year. Camping out in front of stores for days, though. I just do not get it. There are some quality woods in America where you can try camping in the wilderness because that is what it’s meant for. It is pathetic to say that we, as a nation, cannot control our humanity the day after giving our thanks.




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