Black Friday: What’s the Big Deal?!

by Madeline


The hype over holiday shopping has always been outrageous, but it seems to get worse every year.  Now, stores are putting out holiday decorations the day after Halloween, completely dismissing Thanksgiving. Stores start blasting holiday music, and the toy isles are filled with pleading children and stressed out parents.

When children turn on the TV, toy commercials ring throughout the house. If I hear the pillow pet song one more time… I think my ears will start to bleed.  Emails are filled with green and red advertisements begging parents to buy the latest and greatest gadgets for their children. Every store claims to have that great deal, but do you really have to of wake up at midnight and drive in packed streets and wait in front of a mall just to get that extra 25% off?

After all of the turkey sandwiches have been made, people set out for the biggest shopping day of the year, known as “Black Friday.” Yes, you might get lucky and find that great deal, but is it really worth losing your life or endangering others?  2008 was one of the worst Black Friday’s in history, leaving two men shot in a Toys-R-Us parking lot after their significant others fought over a purchase. Similarly, a 32-year-old man  working in a Wal-Mart was trampled to death when the crowds literally ripped the doors off of the hinges in order to enter the store 5 minutes before it opened.

Someone was finally smart enough to say, “Hey why don’t we just have these sales online?”  Chances are, people won’t be maimed by clicking a few buttons and having their presents shipped directly to their houses.

So instead of waiting outside in the cold and dark, grab your laptop, some hot chocolate, and keep your fingers poised and ready to use that refresh button.


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