Fundraisers a Big Part of RFH’s Key Club

by Kaitlin


At Rumson Fair Haven High School, the Key Club organizes many community service opportunities and fundraisers that include and benefit many students and community members.

The Key Club, which stands for Kiwanis Educating Youth, is a strong club and source of community service participation at RFH.  Mr. Pennetti is the advisor of the RFH Key Club.  Officers include President Zach Fendrick, VP Chris Brodsky, Treasurer Jen Maloney, and Secretary Kristen Sullivan.   The club handles fundraisers and offers up students to different organizations so that the organizations don’t have to spend more money hiring help.

The Food Drive was the Key Club’s first major fundraiser.  It was held during November through December. Every year, all the home room classes compete against each other to see who collects the most non-perishable items. All that food heads to the Monmouth and Ocean County food banks. The winner receives an extravagant breakfast. This year’s winner was Mr. Owdij.

Our Key Club at Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School is very involved in different types of fundraisers and activities.  If you are interested in joining or workign with the Key Club, see Mr. Pennetti or any of the club officers.


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