Lego Lady: The Newest Edition to the Lego Family

by Madeline


A cutesy wootsie little town, nestled between Star Wars and Ninjas, Heart Lake City, invaded households on January 1st. For girls who want to add a bit more imagination and color to their Lego worlds, the Lego Company has created Lego Friends, a new product designed for girls ages 5 and up. This new set includes a house, a salon, a café, a veterinary clinic, a horse academy, and many other town-like buildings.

Most of the new sets created for this Lego Friends collection are compatible with the original Lego pieces, and the lady figures can also be used with original Lego play-sets.  However, there is one major difference to this new girly town when compared to other Lego sets like Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Lego Friends; Olivia's House

Studies show that girls typically play with toys in the first person, and they tell a story as they play, while boys tend to play in the third person, and they are more set on building and following a picture or instructions then actually making up different scenarios. As a result, when you open the boxes of these new Lego products, most of the pieces are already assembled.

Yes, there are still little blocks for those of you who are just buying the packs for the six new colors, including a pale purple, green, blue and a few other “girly” colors; but Lego has specifically altered the design of these new packs so that girls do not have to spend hours trying to figure out how to build a house.  You just have to add in a bit of accents, and if you want expand on the structures. These new sets come with plenty of accessories to customize the buildings, but the main point of this collection is for girls who would rather tell a story with their Legos then sit and push hundreds of pieces together.

Lego is also planning to introduce 29 lady figures with this new city. The first five to be released, Mia, Emma, Andrea, Stephanie, and Olivia, all come with their own sets that are related to their background and personality. Since 2007, Lego has been closely studying girls from all around the world, those who are living in various demographics, so they can create these lady figures to represent a little bit of everyone.

A Lego Comparison

Brad Wieners, author of an article about these new Lego Friends, stated, “Lego confirmed that girls favor role play, but they also love to build- just not the same way as boys. Whereas boys tend to be “linear”- building rapidly, even against the clock, to finish a kit so it looks just like what’s on the box- girls prefer “stops along the way,” and to begin storytelling and rearranging.”

So look out for these colorful new sets that filled Lego shelves in the US on January 1st 2012. They sure seem to be a big success!


Information: Article by Brad Wieners in Bloomberg Business Magazine (December issue)

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