Ode to 2011

Dear 2011,

Wow. Now that’s what you could call a performance. In fact, that 2010 oil spill and earthquake merely foreshadowed what you had to offer. You were filled with  so many events, both good and bad, that contributed to what we will forever remember in these following years when someone says “2011.”  But no matter good or bad, all of these events helped to make you a year to remember! Here is a brief overview of some of the higher qualities of this past year.

April 29th

The wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Katherine Middleton was held at Westminster Abbey in London. It grasped the attention of the whole world, with over three million viewers on the live television broadcast and several thousand in attendance.

May 1st

Osama bin Laden, leader of the militant group Al-Qaeda, has been killed during a US Navy operation in Pakistan. His death led to celebration among many Americans as it symbolized the end of the terroristic feud that started with the attacks on 9/11.

October 31st

Global population reached seven billion on this day thanks to 2011’s official seven-billionth-baby Danica May Camacho. She was born just before midnight in a government-run hospital in the Philippines.

December 15th

The United States formally declares an end to the ongoing Iraq Conflict, that started in 2003.

On the other hand, you proved our high hopes to be for nothing when you turned all of us down with some disasters back in 2011 as well…

January 8th

Six people die and thirteen are wounded at a “Congress On Your Corner” event at a Safeway just outside of Tucson. One of whom who was wounded, US representative Gabrielle Giffords was shot through the head. However, after a full year of recovery and rehabilitation, Giffords was able to walk up to a podium and recite the Pledge of Allegiance by herself for a one-year anniversary memorial service of this tragic incident. A spotlight was also focused on 9-year-old Christina-Taylor Green who died at the attack. Jared Lee Loughner was tackled at the scene and pleaded not guilty. He was later declared incompetent to stand trial and underwent psychiatric treatment.

February 22nd – March 14th

Oil prices rose 20% over a two-week period, causing the 2011 energy crisis. This has helped contribute to 2011’s “green” thinking.

March 11th

Japan is hit with a 9.1-magnitude earthquake and tsunami, killing 15,840 and leaving another 3,926 missing as of January 4th, 2012. And even with more family and friends turning up every day, Japan is staying strong and instituting new relief efforts all the time.

With your tragedies and victories in mind, you were a good year, 2011. Many events helped to contribute to the hopes of good events to come in 2012. So I would just like to thank you for allowing this following year to be that much more stronger, happier, and healthier than you and all past years have been.


Trying to make it out of 2012 alive

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