Student Contributions

Student Contributors



by Nicole Della Porta

Hello, I am a stranger
Please take my advice
I want to help, I truly do,
to help you live your life.
Smile just a little bit,
Keep that chin up high,
Life is too short to waste,
and soon you’re going to die.

Hello stranger, it’s me, myself
Stranger, it is I!
Your first mistake in reasoning,
is telling me I’ll die.
I’m breathing, thinking, speaking words,
and to me all you say is a lie.
I’m sorry, stranger, I really am
but I didn’t ask for advice.

My friend, why do you speak as such?
All I say is truth!
You need help desperately,
and your attitude is proof.
Live today as if it’s your last,
Go out and take a chance.
Why not love everything around yourself?
Hold pride in your current stance
Be happy, loving, care free
I’m telling you– it’s the way
Be thankful for every word I speak,
Go on and seize the day!

Stranger, this is quite enough,
I do not wish to do as you say.
For every moment that I am alive,
you can trust that I’m seizing away.
I cannot bring myself to act like you,
telling others how to live.
For every head that is skipped, perspectives are different,
leaving your advice in no room to give.
I understand your good intention,
it was a kind one at heart,
but stranger, it’s time I live my life,
stranger it’s time we part.


by Melissa Cooper

In the heart of Rumson,
The corner of Bingham and Ridge,
The RFH bell tower rings,
Alerting the kids.
The fabulous feast has begun,
One million pounds of food,
Has put all these Bulldawgs
In a very good mood.
All the important people
Gather their trays
And like a herd of cattle
Make their way through the 2.50 maze.
Like a scene out of 1984,
This feast seems unreal,
The clank! Clank! Of trays,
Held by large boys with 10 meals.
And after polishing off these 10,
Excuse me- 11,
Every RFH student knows,
November brings cafeteria heaven.

I wonder if it all is true
by Anonymous

I wonder if it all is true
If all my experiences have taught me this creation
If my dreams are worth taking time to pursue
I scramble around looking for my inspiration
Scanning the faces who to trust and that my trust is my core
Never knowing that right in front of me stands my motivation
Wondering what I should be working for
If a life is a life when moving too fast
Wondering if there’s something I’m missing, something more
Is every second a second past?
Will the clock stop for a moment I knew?
Will this moment ever last?
All my moments whether old or new
I wonder if it all is true


Carpe Diem

by Anonymous

How do you live your life you ask?
I say treat every day like it is your last
Go in the lane that’s fast
And never look back
Although life has its ups and downs
Smile don’t frown
If it kicks you down
You get up
Live it up
Never say enough is enough
Strive to be the best person you can
To be the best man you can
The past is the past and cannot be changed
No one can be blamed
It is what it is
We all make mistakes as kids
That’s how we mature and become adults
Life’s a dance so do the waltz
Remember it’s not your fault
Live everyday like you won’t wake up tomorrow
Life is in the moment forget about tomorrow


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