Student Fiction: “Aquerina”

by Kaitlin


Once upon a time there was a beautiful mermaid named Aquerina. She had very long golden blond hair. Her hair had rainbow hair extensions. She wore a gem incrusted pink and blue shell bikini. Her tale was pink and blue tie dye with diamonds and gems which she found in the ocean. She was golden tan. She had the power to control and make water do whatever she wanted.

She could turn into a human only when she was dry and on land but as soon as water hit her or she hit water even one drop could instantly turn her back into a mermaid. She lived in an underwater cave that led to her cavern. Her cavern was filled with treasure of all sorts; lost artifacts from old ships, gems, jewels, and lanterns that reflected off all of these things to create a glistening enchanted cavern.

Her father did not approve of her going ashore and turning into a human. He thought mortals were very unsafe, and he did not want his daughter to fall in love with a mortal, but he was too late.

One night there was a boat passing by. She had seen boats all the time but this one seemed different.  She could her laughter and music. The boat intrigued her it had a banner on the side that read sophomore dance and she was a sophomore in her under water high school so the boat had even been more interesting.

She watched and swam with the boat making shore she had been hidden enough that no one would see her but enough she could still watch the boat. She watched the kids dancing and laughing when she spotted a boy.  He had blond and brown shaggy hair and was all dressed up in a suit. He seemed to be with his friends. She watched him all night. All that went through her mind that night was him.

She wanted to meet him.  That night she went back to her cave and had the first of many dreams about him.

The next morning she swam up to the surface and to the shore and sat on a rock hidden while she waited to be fully dry. She went to this place called the mall.  She figured this is where they all must go and hang out because it seemed like a pretty cool place to her. She was very scared, though, since one drop of water could turn her into a mermaid and she would be exposed in front of all these people. She was starting to get tired of trying to find him and if she wasn’t home before dark and in her cave her dad would find out and ban her from ever leaving her cave.

Right as she was ready to go back to her home under the sea, she spotted him walking on the level above her. She ran up the escalator, knowing she had to meet him. Which when she had tripped as soon as she got up to the top.  He was there to catch her, though, so it did work out well.

They did meet; his name was Sam she had loved that name. He was so sweet and kind. She was very nervous but she knew she could waste no time in asking him out but he stopped her before she could say it. He had said “Will you go to the junior prom with me even though we just met right now?  I feel like its right.” She was excited but yet scared but all that was overcome when she said “yes.”

The next week was the prom.  She was so happy and excited.  She met him at the ferry where they would ride to the ballroom in NYC. That night they dance the night away and ended with a sweet first kiss and fell in love and lived happily ever after.

The End


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