Super Bowl Picks

by Devan


The 2011-2012 football season has been anything but boring.  Teams have been dominating against others. The season had a rocky start for many teams but on the other hand it was a steady road for a few.

  • AFC East-
    • New England Patriots-
      • Patriots have so far been unstoppable this year with 13 wins and only 3 losses in the past 16 weeks. Looking at the stats and players themselves as well as the team. A few players who truly stand out would be Tom Brady (quarterback) who has thrown over 4,000 yards and has thrown 33 touchdowns this season alone. Danny Woodhead is also another player to view, he has had 6 touchdowns this year 962 yards under his belt this season. Overall the Patriots are looking like a main pick for the Super Bowl.
  • AFC North-
    • Baltimore Ravens or Pittsburgh Steelers-
      • These two teams have had a rivalry for years and it will forever continue. Watching both teams it’s hard to pick which one should go to the Super Bowl. Ravens have had an outstanding season with 12-4 as their record at week 16. Steelers with the same record have also been extremely strong. Both look like candidates for the 2012 Super Bowl.
  • AFC South-
    • Houston Texans-
      • The AFC South has not had much of a fight for the leader of that division. Houston Texans seem to have this won in the bag. With their 10-6 record they seem to be untouchable right night considering the Titans are in second with a 7-5 record. Houston has clinched the division of the south and could possibly clinch the Super Bowl ring in 2012.
  • AFC West-
    • Denver Broncos-
      • Tim Tebow has been leading the Broncos out of last minute losses. Tebow is a huge part of this team and could possibly be the quarter back of the 2012 Super Bowl champions. The Broncos with an 8-8 record in the 16th week are plowing through with the help of their dependable quarterback.
  • NFC East-
    • New York Giants
      • The New York Giants have had an incredible year so far with a 9-7 record in the 16th week. The upcoming week should be interesting for all giant fans, due to the fact that Big Blue has to get through the 49ers for a ticket to the Super Bowl.
  • NFC North-
    • Green Bay Packers-
      • Everyone shocked this year by the Packers are no longer making jokes about Aaron Rodgers and his incredible team. This dynamite team has an outstanding record or 15-1. Being last years Super Bowl champs must have been a motivator going into the 2011 season so strong. After seeing win after win I’d be amazed if they were back in the Super Bowl this year.
  • NFC South-
    • New Orleans Saints-
      • Winning the Super Bowl two years ago was a huge accomplishment for the Drew Brees and the Saints. New Orleans had never been to the Super Bowl before until 2010. With a 13-3 record I wouldn’t be surprised to see the 2010 champs back in action at the 2012 Super Bowl.
  • NFC West-
    • San Francisco 49ers
      • The 49ers have had an incredible season with a 13-3 record. Seeing the team really pull it together this year I think had lifted a lot of spirits as well as worries for whoever could be facing them in the Super Bowl this year. Clinching the Wild Card is a big deal and they have it. Facing many other teams to get to that big day in February won’t be a problem for the strong willed 49ers.


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