The Changing Tide of Communication

by David


It is the opinion of many people, both young and old, that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are a heavy contributor to the degradation of communication skills in today’s growing society.  They say that common internet vernacular is both stunting the growth of face-to-face interaction, and when those interactions do occur the topic and level of discourse are below par and add no meaningful value to understanding.

It is my thought, though, that the accessibility of online communication and availability of personal interaction presented to people through websites like Facebook and Twitter create growth in relationships that span longer distances, and include a greater variety of common interests. Our society as a unit is in constant flux and interactions between people can slow things down and prohibit continued growth; when social media is placed into the picture the flow of change and level of interaction are increased.


Widely perceived as the greatest social networking site available on the internet, there is no shortage of criticism for The website sets trends, not follows them, and is on the frontier of discovery in the field of online communication. Facebook is increasingly a more valid form of reaching out to friends you have made and have yet to make.

One advantage of Facebook lies in its organization and its popularity. With so many unique users daily, one can log on to the site and see a great deal of their friends waiting to be contacted. Another advantage of Facebook based on communication, is the newly implemented group chat. The group chat feature allows for a quick and concise way to address a good number of peers at once.  Perhaps the greatest positive that Facebook has is the comfort of having so many friends so close to you at all times. Just the fact that you have so many people ready to contact art any point in time is a source of comfort.


160 characters per message doesn’t seem like a lot. That can be viewed as a positive, though. This small amount of characters forces one to convey a point and helps us boil down a message to discover its essence.

That is only the technical advantage, though; is a huge hit with celebrities to reach out to fans, and let them know of upcoming chances to meet them or otherwise interact with them in some way. It also gives fans an opportunity to interact with each other. Of course it does give the fans that way to keep in contact with someone who they view as a role model, and keep that connection in a way that was not previously available.


Tumblr: the sprawling internet blogosphere. If Twitter has the ability to draw people together with the common interest of a role model, Tumblr has the ability to draw people together with the common interest of…well, anything.

Depending on your interests, you follow different people’s blogs and they have the opportunity to follow you back. It is a content based site, which lends itself to writers and artists alike. The site provides the sense of community that Twitter and Facebook don’t have, and also gives you the option of anonymity. The website is perhaps the greatest proprietor for meeting new people online based on interest group


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