The Tower Review 2011-2012 2nd Edition

Table of Contents

Happy reading, Readers!



Culture at Large
An Introduction to New RFH Teachers by Brooke
The Theology and Social Justice Clubs: Creating Diversity at RFH by Alexandra
SATs: The Reason for Stressed Juniors by Brooke
Winter Themed Poems by Brooke
Student Submissions by Various Writers
Student Fiction: “Aquerina” by Kaitlin

Fall Sports Recap: 2011 by Megan
PowderPuff Game at RFH: Fundraiser and Student Rivalry by Alexandra
RFH Musicians to Perform in Vienna by Alexandra
Tower Players Prepare for “Jekyll and Hyde” by Madeline
Prom is Here by Megan
Lego Lady: The Newest Edition to the Lego Family by Madeline
Fundraisers a Big Part of RFH’s Key Club by Kaitlin

A Music Contribution: “How the Solar System was Won” by Andy Waldron
Preview of the Movies of 2012 by David
The Changing Tide of Communication by David
An Open Letter to Smart Phone Users by Doug


Super Bowl Picks by Devan
A Day in Philadelphia by Alexandra
A Vampire Series…Without the Sparkle by Madeline
What’s Up with That?!  The UPs and Downs of the 2012 NFL Season by Doug
Black Friday: What’s the Big Deal?! by Madeline
Why Blame Barbie!? by Kaitlin
A Closer Look at the Marching Band by Kaitlin
Cars: Domestic and Foreign by Doug

The Final Word
Ode to 2011 by Megan
Happy Holiday Thoughts of 2011 by Megan
An Open Letter to Thanksgiving Feast by Devan
An Open Letter to Black Friday Shoppers by Brooke


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