What’s Up With That?! The Ups and Downs of the 2012 NFL Season

by Doug


Philadelphia Eagles

Why is it that some really good football teams are playing really badly this year, and why are some of the bad teams playing really well?

Some of the teams that did not make the playoffs this year lost games that they should not have lost due to injuries. An example of this would be the Eagles. Because the Eagles were missing some of their important players during winnable games this season, they ended their season with  7/7 as their final record.

The teams that did really well this year were the Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions and Denver Broncos. In past seasons, these teams were usually the first to be knocked out of playoff contention because these teams are typically terrible.

Buffalo Bills

Maybe it is because these teams now have decent quarterbacks who actually know how to throw the football instead of throwing incomplete passes and interception opportunities. Tim Tebow #15, quarterback of the Broncos, played for the Florida Gators and won of a Heisman Trophy. Ryan Fitzpatrick #14, QB of the Buffalo Bills, graduated from Harvard. Matthew Stafford, #9, of the Detroit Lions, was another major contributor this season.

Let’s talk about New York.  There are three New York teams and most of the people who live in New York are either Giants or Jets fans.  But no one really cares about the Buffalo Bills even if they did beat Tom Brady and the Patriots. What  I find really odd is that the Buffalo Bills do not get the recognition that they deserve most of the time. The Buffalo Bills are a New York team, yet even if they won the Superbowl they would be forgotten the next day.


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